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Philips MOM for Moms

One of the Sustainable Growth Development goals of the Philippine government is to reduce maternal death rate. As of 2015, 162 deaths per 100,000 live births have been recorded and that is too high. The Millenium Development Goal target however is as low as 52 deaths pero 100,000 live births.

There are three contributing factors to maternal death, which is a major concern of  the Department of Health:

1. Delays in reaching appropriate health centers

2. Delays in health care provisions for expectant mothers

3. Delays in seeking medical help

Caroline Clarke, CEO for Philips ASEAN Pacific

Philips is a leading health care technology that has been in the Philippines for more than 60 years and has worked tirelessly to help prevent, treat and empower Filipinos. Philips has been presented an opportunity to introduce and innovative solution to address the root causes of the high maternal mortality rate in the country.

Philips MOM for Moms” campaign aims to raise awareness about maternal mortality problems in the Philippines. This campaign aims to show the potential of mobile technology to address these problems and to empower Filipino moms to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Urasinee Patarasongkram, Philips Philippines Country Manager

Philips MOM for Moms is Mobile Obstetrics Monitoring, a web portal app that aims to monitor pregnancies through its mobile app

Philips MOM for Moms aims to help the Philippines achieve its goal in lowering maternal death rate through the use of this app that can help mo it or the conditions of pregnant Filipino women who live far from the health centers. Mobile connectivity is something we rely on for communication so this is a good way to be able to reach out to those in need of pregnancy and health-related monitoring.

H.E. Marion Derckx, Netherlands Ambassador for the Philippines during the Philips MOM for Moms campaign launch.

In Death Series

Been reading a series of ebooks by J.D. Robb or Nora Roberts called “In Death” with a futuristic setting where droids serve the people and where cars can fly and move on land. Oh yeah, intergalatic space travel is very easy to do.

What got me curious was the home security setting where everything is computerized, including camera settings, car settings and entries and exits on homes. No wonder people in the series are confident to keep their valuables like real precious stones, maybe even gold ounces as well as antiques which are what we currently use these days like guns and weapons.

I’d like something like that at home to keep out the unwanted intruders.

But even the most secured premises are vulnerable to people who are desperate to go inside where they are unwanted.

Ok, going back to the series. I just love Eve Dallas and Roarke.

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Alternative Wedding Anniversaries Article: Copied In Another Site

Below is an article that I -> Treasure Jar, wrote for the now offline internet magazine, and I am posting the commissioned and paid for Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries article here in it’s entirety because I am the author. Someone else copied the whole article and posted it in a site full of other articles copied from different sites. Just like the other article I wrote, Wedding Favor Ideas, this was copied without permission. No, I will not link the site that copied this one.



Celebrating wedding anniversaries has been somewhat predictable: a romantic dinner date at a new restaurant, a bouquet of flowers, the latest tech gadget, or a piece of jewelry are some of the common gifts couples have given each other for the longest time.

By JCF, Treasure Jar

But gifts should not always be expensive. A heartfelt letter or a card, a handmade project, or a homemade special recipe could be alternative options.

Below are several other wonderful things to do as a couple when celebrating wedding anniversaries:

Take a vacation together. It’s not a problem if the budget is tight; planning is the key to get the best travel deals. Escape for a few days from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine and rekindle that romance you shared on your first year together! For the busy couple, a romantic getaway can be an overnight stay at bed and breakfast places.

Have an adventure together that you will surely remember, like trekking on a nearby trail, or camping in the woods!

Instead of spending buying separate gifts for each other, why not make a purchase that you will both enjoy? How about that new exercise machine to keep you fit?

Share your blessings with others! Arrange a charity event and spend time with kids at a local hospital, or go green by organizing a tree planting activity.

There are no right or wrong ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary as long as you’re having fun. A nice way to cherish the memories is to build an anniversary scrapbook that you’ll update annually; by the time you reach your 50th year, imagine how nice it will be to reminisce together!

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Handmade Notepad

Handmade notepads I made weeks ago to be given to special friends 🙂

Handmade Notepad

Can’t wait to give these to them 🙂 These are products of my labor of love.

Leslie Sansone: The Essential Walker’s Journal

I bought a book last Saturday, The Essential Walker’s Journal by Leslie Sansone.

Why not? I have been remiss with my usual walking habit and have gained unsightly bulges where these can’t be hidden. Need I say I need to learn more when it comes to maintaining the weight loss I had before? I think I do.

Browsing through the book/journal, I feel I can not do all the obligations written in the daily pages but then again, “no guts, no glory” and “No pain, no gain” should jump start my determination to walk the talk 😀

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We Love Books

I have written here that we love to go to Power Books TriNoma.

Reading The Magic Treehouse

While the children are reading in the children’s section, I go over to an adjacent section and look at the recipe books while my eldest daughter browses shelves filled with books she is interested to read.

One time, I overhead a group of teenagers whispering and giggling about looking for books about skin care. One mentioned something that sounded unfamiliar. I searched for it when we got home and found out the name: accutane. Definitely sounds new to me.

Anyway, I would want to get a copy of a certain recipe book when we get back. I’m sure my eldest daughter would again ask me to get that other vampire book for her (rolls eyes).

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