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Race Kit

Last week, the race kit arrived for the 2011 Unilab Active Health Run United 1. And I’m not ready yet, not then when the race kit arrived and not now.

2011 Run United 1


I think I’m hitting a plateau with regards to my fitness routine and instead of losing weight, I gained more. I don’t know what’s happening, been dancing and hooping myself crazy on a day to day basis for several weeks but last week I stopped abruptly. Maybe it was because we had a Mr Fix-it guy coming to work inside the house as well as on the roof. Maybe because I was too lazy to get up on my feet and move.

Someone else suggested I try the best diet pills for women but I’m not sure I’m ready to do just that yet.

I’m going to try again. Tomorrow. I hope.

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For the Record, I’m Not…

I was asked last night if I am pregnant. Ugh. For the record. I am NOT.

It is as if I could hear a chant saying: fat burners! fat burners!

Am I hurt? Of course I am but then again, if I have been more conscious not only about my looks but also about how much I eat (not too much really) and WHAT I eat then I wouldn’t be asked that question.

It doesn’t help that I eat when I am a bit stressed. And watching something. And reading a book. πŸ˜€

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Fun Run with Friends

Yesterday at a mall where there was a big sale going on, hubby and I were eyeing the treadmills on display at a sports store. Since I have been too lazy to go out for my morning walks (I wake up 4am everyday and I’m too tired to go for a walk) I was thinking of getting a treadmill.

With a fun run with friends a few days to go, I might have to crawl my way to the finish line because I haven’t been keeping in shape for months. Ugh.

Between a treadmill and treatment for arthritis, which one would you choose?

I’d probably choose taking a walk because I don’t have to pay for it πŸ˜€

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It’s Been Awhile

It has been awhile, no, it has been a long time since we last went to our family biking/walking/running bonding time.


The thule rack is dusty and so are the bikes. The kids still can’t ride without training wheels and that is something not to be proud of because they are not that young anymore.

I always tell the family, next Sunday we will go do these things again but sleep, that elusive sleep wins over more than anything including breakfast and the need to be fit.

I always tell myself, tomorrow, I will start my early morning walking routine but then either the online lure is more powerful or the bed is pulling me back to its soft comfort.

On Sunday, we will do something different and I am hoping even with the lack of preparation, my legs are up to the task even if I still feel pain from walking and hiking for two days with my school children.

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Leslie Sansone: The Essential Walker’s Journal

I bought a book last Saturday, The Essential Walker’s Journal by Leslie Sansone.

Why not? I have been remiss with my usual walking habit and have gained unsightly bulges where these can’t be hidden. Need I say I need to learn more when it comes to maintaining the weight loss I had before? I think I do.

Browsing through the book/journal, I feel I can not do all the obligations written in the daily pages but then again, “no guts, no glory” and “No pain, no gain” should jump start my determination to walk the talk πŸ˜€

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Tired of Being Sick

The first week of January’s sprained ankle made me promise to myself that I would hit the pavement once I get better. But this is not how it is supposed to be since I got sick last Friday and as of today, I am supposed to be bedridden. I just will myself to be up and about since we don’t have house help.

There goes my plan to go back to whatever fitness routine I had and I must admit I am tempted to turn to quick weight loss diets to lose these unwanted pounds I gained during the Christmas season and when I was immobile.

I know I am not alone in this journey and that it is all up to me to take the first step back to my fitness routine. For now, I will rest my aching bones and itchy throat by taking a short nap.

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