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Healthy Living

Healthy living is not something we should decide upon to adapt or not, as a lifestyle.

Healthy living is the only choice if we put our perspectives in order.

Why not? Being healthy is one ticket to a life that is not riddled with chemical-induced relief from pain and hospital bills.

There are even some illnesses where people need to travel to seek help.Going for cancer treatments in the USA, spine surgery Mexico, and probably even seeking ayurvedic medicine treatments in India are just some of the costly steps people have in order to be healthy again.

Some would even travel to places where it is said that prayers and prayer offerings can give miraculous effect.

Becoming healthy or espousing a healthy living starts with the self.


Some first steps to be considered would be healthy eating, having a fitness program, getting enough sleep and not getting stressed too much.

Yes, it seems like an impossibility to some but taking one small step at a time will surely help one live a lifestyle considered healthy.

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I have been walking (with a little running in between) last month for a few days a week but this has stopped when we were ravaged by a super storm. I don’t know, I was somehow afraid to walk the streets where the flood waters flowed along 🙁

I lost some weight while I was doing my morning rounds, I must say. On days I don’t go out, I try to do (an imitation) of sun salutation movements. Both when combined contributed to the little shrinking of ze waistline. That is until I stopped the routine.

And now I am back to the waistline that needs some trimming.

Ahhmm, I am tempted to do quick weight loss but I know I need more than that.

Why? I am looking at a goal, even if it the shortest distance. Oh well, it may be a possibility and I will not just keep my fingers crossed, I will get up and go out and start reaching for that goal, one step at a time.

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