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In Denial

I’ve read a post entitled: “Are we in denial about our weight?”

Interesting topic for me because weight is one of the most talked about topics among women friends, next to makeup and beauty tips, love life for the singles and kids for the moms, the hunt for the best progesterone cream for those who are within the age range, home management tips for the married ones and the best hip places to hang out for those who want to relax. Topics are in no particular order of importance.

What about my thoughts on the article?

I think I am in denial too. I am guilty of giving myself a “reward” because I burned calories when I go to my Zumba class and/or when I get home from a tiring day of work. Yep, the reward brings back the calories I’ve burned when I should have been rewarding myself hooping time instead because it makes me happy too. Gah!

I don’t know how much I weigh, I haven’t stepped on a scale for a long time.

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My Feet

I’ve noticed my feet are a bit swollen after I sit for a few hours while online. I feel bad about it. Yesterday though, because I was out half the day, my feet weren’t as swollen as these were the other day.

Hmmm… weight loss pills that work to the rescue for me? Yes, apparently, if one has weight issues, the feet get swollen.

Perhaps I need to do more of my Zumba and Hoopnotica hula-hooping routines whether I stay at home the whole day or I go out to work. As for the Zumba, nah, I don’t go to a class because the “official” class is held a bit far from where I live, I just improvise and dance move to the beat. Super fun!

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Healthy 2011

Hubby has joined the throngs of people who have been sick because the temperature has gone a bit below 20 degrees. I know it seems like an exaggeration because much as I’m loving the super cool weather, a lot are getting sick and even my little boy is having a bit of asthma attacks in the early mornings.

People are buying up medicines on cough, fever, colds and viral-infection related conditions. Shouldn’t we be spending on things that will make us healthy and not on things that made us sick?

How can increase immunity to air-borne illnesses/weather-related ones?

  • Increase intake of healthy food
  • Increase intake of liquids like water and fresh juices
  • Bundle up if needed before going out or during sleep
  • Avoid cold beverage or food
  • Avoid sleeping late which decreases immunity to these diseases
  • Avoid going to crowded places where you are most likely interact with people who have these illnesses

Let’s all make 2011 a healthy year for all of us!

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Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is said to help flush away the body’s toxins.

I’m not entirely sure if this is the same as colon cleansing diet or those holiday binging inspired 5 or 7 Day cleansing diets.

We have been drinking alkaline water for months now and I must say that, gross it may be, our pee has increased and smells real bad. If these are toxins being flushed out, then I certainly don’t mind the smell at all if this will help keep us healthy.

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Ah, Men

Virility and machismo are two big words that men take to heart. There are still those who think these are reduced when they are seen doing house chores like doing the dishes and cleaning the house, never mind if their wives are dead tired like them or is on about to give birth.

Some would, at the slightest problems, readily have natural male enhancement pills without the benefit of a doctor’s advice because knowing what’s wrong is not an alternative even if they have not been feeling well.

What are some of the characteristics of men which make them “brothers” aside from the real and/or imagined virility and machismo thoughts?

  • They would hem and haw if they are asked to see a doctor.
  • They refused to wear pastel colored clothes.
  • They think crying in public makes them less a man.
  • They would laugh at (married) men doing house chores because they are “under the saya

These are just some of the men characteristics that women find either amusing or annoying, depending on what their relationship is with them.

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Can We Say No to Migraine?

Friends always complain of migraine. It seems that some are even not functioning fully whenever they don’t take their meds, self-prescribed or not, and are always on the lookout for migraine headache treatment. There are even times when they say they woke up with a migraine.

Me? I don’t know if I have migraine or not but I do get headaches too, especially when I am thinking of some problems or when I have spent several hours in front of the screen or when I am hungry. There are sometimes combination that give me a headache but not enough to render me incapacitated.

So, what are a few ways to avoid migraine?

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