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Moving Means Losing the Weight

“If I were to lose you, I’d say good riddance”

YOU = weight.

I’m here yet again, doing the click here for appetite suppressants thing.

I’ve yet to lose the weight that has been here for a long time. I don’t think I can achieve the “ideal” weight. First things first, I’ve stopped doing anything that will help me. No more hula-hooping. No more Zumba dancing. No more early morning walks. I haven’t opened this book for a long time.

The fact that I signed up to join the Millennium Run for Women’s Health should have been a starting point to go back to any kind of fitness routine that I know of but nada. No inspiration nor initiative to do so.

Frustrating, especially when I see these food photos I took 😀

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In Denial

I’ve read a post entitled: “Are we in denial about our weight?”

Interesting topic for me because weight is one of the most talked about topics among women friends, next to makeup and beauty tips, love life for the singles and kids for the moms, the hunt for the best progesterone cream for those who are within the age range, home management tips for the married ones and the best hip places to hang out for those who want to relax. Topics are in no particular order of importance.

What about my thoughts on the article?

I think I am in denial too. I am guilty of giving myself a “reward” because I burned calories when I go to my Zumba class and/or when I get home from a tiring day of work. Yep, the reward brings back the calories I’ve burned when I should have been rewarding myself hooping time instead because it makes me happy too. Gah!

I don’t know how much I weigh, I haven’t stepped on a scale for a long time.

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For the Record, I’m Not…

I was asked last night if I am pregnant. Ugh. For the record. I am NOT.

It is as if I could hear a chant saying: fat burners! fat burners!

Am I hurt? Of course I am but then again, if I have been more conscious not only about my looks but also about how much I eat (not too much really) and WHAT I eat then I wouldn’t be asked that question.

It doesn’t help that I eat when I am a bit stressed. And watching something. And reading a book. 😀

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