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ASUS Zen AiO Pro

Unfold your incredible stories: ASUS Philippines recently unveiled Zen AiO Pro with pre-installed Microsoft Windows™ 10. The ASUS 23.8-inch Zen AiO Pro Z240IC, the first models in the incredible new Zen AiO Pro Series, a premium range of all-in-one PCs that fuse art with industry-leading technology.

ASUS Zen AiO Pro

Featuring a stunningly-elegant all-aluminum design, Zen AiO Pro has some of the following features:

• 6th-generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor and gaming-grade NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 960M graphics with up to 4GB of video memory
• the latest USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, up to PCIe® 3.0 x4 M.2 SSD storage
• Zen AiO Pro models are equipped with a powerful six-speaker ASUS SonicMaster Premium sound system that delivers 16W of incredibly rich and clear stereo

Zen AiO Pro is the ultimate digital hub for work or for play because of its high tech features and elegant design wth slim and elegant unibody shell forged from anodized aluminum. The display is a layer of edge to edge glass while the rear cover has fine brushed-metal finish.
Extreme beauty, extreme performance
The extraordinary Zen AiO Pro is built to provide out-of-the-ordinary performance for discerning home users. Using the latest generation of quad-core Intel Core up to i7 processors, combined with 16GB of the very latest DDR4 memory and lightning-fast up to PCIe® 3.0 x4 M.2 SSD storage, Zen AiO Pro has power to spare for instant responsiveness and ultra-smooth and immersive entertainment.

Dedicated NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 960 gaming-grade graphics with up to a class-leading 4GB of video memory ensure users can enjoy superb stutter-free high-resolution movies and videos in vivid, lifelike colors, or play even the very latest games at full resolution with high quality settings.

ASUS Zen AiO Pro
Zen AiO Pro is the world’s first all-in-one PC to use the next-generation USB 3.1 Gen 2, which delivers blindingly-fast data transfers of up to 10Gbit/s —twice as fast as USB 3.0, and over twenty times faster than USB 2.0. With these speeds, even the biggest data transfers take no time at all. Zen AiO Pro uses the latest USB 3.1 Type-C connector for improved ease of use — the connector is reversible, so it can’t be inserted the wrong way round. And for all-device connectivity, Zen AiO Pro also has a full complement of 4 USB 3.0 ports plus a USB 2.0 port, along with the latest ultra-fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Incredible sound, awesome entertainment
Zen AiO Pro is designed for the ultimate multimedia entertainment, with up to a stunning FHD 10-point multi-touch IPS display for vibrant, pin-sharp visuals that make every detail visible, along with wide viewing angles and ultra-responsive touch interactivity. Zen AiO Pro also has a color gamut of up to 100% sRGB, which ensures accurate, rich and vivid color reproduction.

The incredible audio system has a total of 6 speakers that deliver rich and clear full-range sound. Each 8-watt stereo channel uses three powerful speakers located at either side of Zen AiO Pro, giving fully-realistic stereo separation and a total of 16 watts of pure, undistorted sound for an amazingly-lifelike experience.

The state-of-the-art technology in Zen AiO Pro ensures an awesome entertainment experience, whether users are watching the latest blockbuster movie, enjoying games or simply relaxing with music.

More PHOTOS here.

Specifications: Z240ICGT

CPU – i7-6700T
GPU – GTX 960M 4G DDR5
Storage – 2.5″ SATA HDD 1TB (5400RPM, 9.5mm)
RAM – DDR4 2133MHz, 8G *2
Screen – 23.8” Full HD 1920×1080 LED-backlit
OS – Windows 10 (64bit)
WiFi – 802.11bgn+Bluetooth 4.0 (Single band)
USB Ports:
• 1 x USB3.1 (Type-C)
• 4 x USB3.0
• 1 x USB2.0
I/O Ports:
• 2 x HDMI-out
• 1 x Microphone
• 1 x Headphone
• 1 x 2-in-1 card reader
• 1x Power Input
• 1x LAN
• 1x Kensington lock slot
Dimensions – 585(W) x 434(H) x 52~190(D) mm
SRP – Php 97,995
About ASUS
ASUS is a worldwide top-three consumer notebook vendor and maker of the world’s best-selling, most award-winning motherboards. A leading enterprise in the new digital era, ASUS designs and manufactures products that perfectly meet the needs of today’s digital home and office, with a broad portfolio that includes motherboards, graphics cards, optical drives, displays, desktop and all-in-one PCs, notebooks, netbooks, servers, multimedia devices, wireless solutions, networking devices, tablets and smartphones. Driven by innovation and committed to quality, ASUS won 4,326 awards in 2014 and is widely credited with revolutionizing the PC industry with its Eee PC™. ASUS has more than 13,600 employees around the globe with a world-class R&D team of 4,500 engineers. Company revenue for 2013 was approximately US$14 billion.

Summer Vacation Plans for Your Children

Got summer plans already?

There is so much to do during summer and for sure, school children will not get bored with the many choices as to what they can do when school’s out:

  • travel and see how much fun it is in the Philippines (needs time to plan and budget for expenses)
  • cooking classes which also includes learning new skills like sanitation, cutting, sieving, food styling and nutrition facts
  • photography
  • styling classes
  • swimming, soccer, basketball, baseball, badminton classes for the sporty ones
  • piano, guitar, violin and voice lessons for the musically inclined
  • summer classes, whether advanced or for failed academic subjects
  • arts and crafts lessons for the crafty ones (this can be done at home because there are lots of tutorials to be found in the web)

There is so much to do during summer and there is no need for children to get bored. If budget is a problem, be creative and you can still have a lot of fun too!

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What Did You Get?

What did you get for Christmas? Have you finally mastered the art of gifting after all these years?

New clothes? Toys for your children? A new bag? Tech toys? Kitchen gadgets?  Dinner ware? Personalized pub mugs? Baked goodies? New shoes?

Or perhaps a new lease in life like what some of our brothers and sisters down south got.

I don’t know if it is considered as new lease in life if they survived but their family members did not. Yes, knowing as I am quite obsessed with knowing details when things like these happened, I read articles, watched videos, discussed when someone’s willing to listen and thought about them. I prayed for them too.

So now I ask again, “What did you get for Christmas?”

The answer depends on what values you treasure most: family, love, friendship, peace of mind, and being a channel to be able to help others are just a few things that may give satisfaction not just for Christmas but for the rest of the year.


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14,087,000 is the number of unemployed Americans.

I wonder how many we have in the Philippines.

Going home, I always see people just sitting on the sidewalks: talking, more often than not, they are having a drinking session. They even have time to sing videoke songs. And yes, these young men, teenagers, all they do the whole day is walk to and fro, going nowhere.

I see them every single day where we live. And if I don’t look out the window, I can hear them. Yep, that bad.

I’d like to believe it’s just my perception that I don’t like them but then, when I sometimes ride a cab, the drivers tell me the people we see on the way to where we live kinda look scary. Eeeep!

I wonder where they get their money to buy the basic things they need on a day to day basis. Perhaps I don’t want to know.

Hello RH Bill?

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No More Jobs

“Unemployment in the U.S. rises”, says an online news headline.

So true to almost a thousand Filipino teachers who are now out of job. I could have been one of them because I was interviewed by the recruitment officer for a teaching position in that certain county.

If I got in I would have paid almost a million pesos. Yes, I’d be swimming in debt even before I set foot in the great big US of A. I know it’s probably like having a lot of payday advance loans except they haven’t received their salary yet but they’re already paying for the fees.

Just like the other teachers who have been duped by a fellow Filipino recruiter, these teachers paid a whole lot just to be able to teach over seas. The authorities should also look into the agency that got them their jobs because it is to the agency that they paid thousands of dollars as “processing fees”.

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To The Bookstore We Will Go

“Ka-ching, ka-ching!” goes the cash register. All roads lead to bookstores these days, now that classes have started on this side of the planet. I’m sure POS systems guys are on stand-by just in case a machine breaks down.

One of the things I don’t particularly like when I go to stores during times when there is a crowd is to see empty cash register stations and long lines where there is a cashier. That goes true to fast-food joints with long lines and only one or two functioning cash registers. That goes to banks too, where there are only 2 tellers with 40+ people waiting to be served.

Of course, I understand why some establishments don’t have fully functioning cashier stations since these establishments are not always full of people and it’s not practical to have people manning these cashier stations when there are no customers around.

Best thing to do to avoid these problems? Go when there’s no crowd.

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