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Customer Relations and Mini Cupcakes

Mini cupcakes. So what?

Mini-cupcakes at the bank during Valentine's Day

These are special though, served for the customers of a bank that I go to. There are two baskets in the bank that contains red sweets: candies, even chips, and gums. These were served during Valentine’s Day.

Now that is good customer relations for me.

Add to the fact that they have a table with hot water and different kinds of tea for their customers. I am not sure though if all branches of Unionbank has this but the branch I go to, Unionbank Congressional Avenue has these things.

And we don’t stand in line because we have numbers.

Service time is now faster unlike before it takes me more than half an hour to wait to be served for a transaction that is done within 3 minutes.

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Safety and Children

In my country there is no doubt that we love our children very much. In fact, one of the most obvious prevailing problems is that we have too many children in our midst. That is not the point I want to tackle though.

We love our children but we do not seem to care about their safety. There, I said it.

Regarding safety, this should be one of the priorities we should hold high, along with clean food and surroundings (these are related to safety too) education and growing up with love and care among other things.

Here are a few examples:

  • almost no playgrounds in the urban areas (children play on the streets)
  • children riding on motorcycles with adults. without helmets
  • children packed in tricycles as a school service
  • children allowed to ride horses without riding helmets and other gears
  • children eating street food not cooked in good sanitary conditions

Horseback riding

I could go on and on…
Let us keep the children’s safety a priority. If this is not a government priority, then as parents, we should do this for them.



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Times Are Changing

I’ve noticed something different about career choices of incoming college students these days: the courses have terms that sound different from when I was about to start college. A lot of people also choose to get online college degree rather than commute to school.

Whatever happened to the good old courses?

It seems like everyone ones to just be behind a desk in front of a computer, behind the cameras, stage and doing props of making things in digital form. Don’t these young people want to improve on the food sources and agricultural issues to increase food production? Or maybe discover a cure to lessen dengue fever or increase resistance to airborne diseases?

Times are changing yes, but if everyone wants to be the next big thing in digital arts media, who would take care of the sick? Who would teach the young ones? Who would manage the food sources?

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Has Social Media Changed Your Life?

Let’s admit it, being in the midst of the action in social media seems to be that BIG thing since sending sms has been introduced to us Filipinos. You know, we who boasts as THE texting capital of the world and upcoming Facebook superstar in terms of sheer number of accounts created, real accounts to the right and dummy accounts to the left are all counted here.

Anyway, Facebook is not the only social media platform we all use. Twitter is another form of social media which very well takes third place, where sms is still king for now and Facebook comes second, in terms of sending messages and group announcements. Other microblogging sites are catching up too.

Yes dearies, the young has invaded Twitter too and why not? Sending messages to friends via Twitter is FREE. Free in terms of not using data charge per message sent per subscriber. Imagine, if all your friends are in Twitter, you can just send a status update to your 10 friends that tomorrow you will be going to the mall after school. There’s really no need to  shell out money ten times multiplied several times as the number of messages because you can reply several times as long as you want to.

I’m sure the telcos are squirming in their seats trying to think of ways on how their subscribers can part with their hard-earned money.

For me, there’s a dark side to engaging in these social media tools when it comes to communicating with friends, real or virtual. Continue Reading »

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We Can’t Lose Hope

So many things happening around the world:  the protests in the Middle East, the big earthquake in New Zealand, the even bigger earthquake/tsunami in Honshu, a looming nuclear radiation threat and another MidEast conflict this time in Bahrain, I just can’t imagine how people will cope, even if they were not in the danger zone.

Not only did people underwent a lot of major changes, fellow Filipinos lost their jobs, whether as blue collar workers, IT professionals with it degrees, corporate executives, and even domestic helpers, our economy and the families who depend on the remittances are all affected by these events.

So how do we deal with these major tragedies?

  • We assess ourselves and try to sort our priorities.
  • We try to prepare for the worst, not by being jittery and anxious but by being level-headed and practical.
  • We try to be cool, even if our insides can be likened to a pot of water in a rolling boil.

Being too much consumed by the news about Japan’s tragedy, I try to see the positive side of these all: a friend and her family safe in Sendai, the 4 month old baby rescued from the rubble, the man reunited with his dog, an uplifting letter from Anne in Sendai, people lining up to buy groceries and not looting and so much more not given enough online space.

Do we lose hope?

We don’t, we can’t lose hope.

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Thursday Scrabble

  1. Scrabble :: wordsmith
  2. Watching :: TV series and DVD, I like!!
  3. Habitually :: day in and day out
  4. Gritty :: I wish my children would be like this when they grow up
  5. Slovenly ::  look in the mirror please
  6. Canvas :: easel
  7. Leggings :: for long shapely legs
  8. Thursday :: is a long day of work for me
  9. Attention :: getting children are some of those I work with
  10. Hypnotic :: can’t take your eyes off whatever it is

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