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Delightful-E Simple to Save Contest by Electrolux

Electrolux will launch Delightful-E Simple to Save contest  that will run from August 11 – September 15, 2014

Delightful-E Simple to Save

Electrolux understands that every peso and second counts,” said Andrea Pionilla, Marketing Manager of Electrolux Philippines. “This is the reason behind Delightful-E Simple. We want to help moms save not just money but also their precious time by making their everyday tasks delightfully simple and easy.

For every money and time well-spent and save, we feel good, right? Imagine how, with the chores we (love or dread to) do, we are able to save BOTH money and time, wouldn’t you just say “It is indeed Delightful-E Simple to Save“.

With this in mind, Electrolux Philippines Facebook Page has created a Savings Calculator app where you get help in adding up your savings. It also enables you to keep track of your laundry expenses and savings at the same time.

What more, this Savings Calculator is very easy to use. It can help you track down your weekly laundry expenses based on a few things: number of family members, average weekly load and how you wash your clothes.

After tracking your expenses, the Savings Calculator will show you how much you can save in a year when you use an Electrolux washing machine.

And what do you do with the money you saved for a year?

If you are a mom or a dad, you might think of school expenses, a weekend family getaway, utility bills and grocery items with which those savings might go to. If you are single, then perhaps you can now get that new pair of shoes you have been saving up for, a new gadget perhaps or a weeklong vacation?

Wait… didn’t I just say how much you can save when using an Electrolux Washing Machine and you say you don’t have one?

HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS:  Electrolux is giving away not just one but 4, yes FOUR!! washing machines to four very lucky people.

Here are the four easy steps on how you could be one of those four winners (claim it now!)

1. Like the Electrolux Facebook page

2. Calculate your laundry savings using the Savings Calculator

3. Hit the Share button found in the result page

4. In the caption, type in what you plan to buy using your laundry savings and do not forget to include the hashtags #DelightfulE and #SimpleToSave and post it on your Facebook page.

Follow ElectroluxPH on Twitter and Instagram.

Trees in the Parking Lot

These are the trees in the school’s parking lot where my children go to.

Enrollment for @bethanycf

If I remember it right, this tree used to have a wrap-around terrace where the children can play on. Attach to the terrace are wooden slides that they can use to get down. The playground became a parking lot. A part of the playground still stands though.

I’ve seen a few students who love to stay there. Sometimes they sing along with someone playing a guitar (and maybe an autoharp at musicians friend) or just sing acapella, which is good because they try to make a harmony among their voices.

Just remembering. My eldest used to love playing at this spot.

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3 Years of Crafts for a Cause at SM Kultura Filipino

Kultura Filipino

This May 2013, Kultura Filipino celebrates three years of having Crafts for a Cause with new products and new partners.

Crafts for a Cause was able to bring together different products coming from livelihood programs of the non-profit organization partners. Through the training and help of various foundations, the products made by the marginalized and underprivileged members of the society have found their way to the hands of buyers who purchase these.

Photos of the products featured in Crafts for a Cause:

Crafts for a Cause: Kabalikat sa Kaunlaran bags using doy packs

Kabalikat sa Kaunlaran ng Baseco

Crafts for a Cause: Candles in bamboo containers from Life Project for Youth

Life Project for Youth

Crafts for a Cause: Filipino jeepneys from Circle of Friends

Crafts for a Cause: Ships with reused soda cans

Circle of Friends Foundation

Crafts for a Cause: Zonta ladies with their bag products

Zonta ladies and their bag products

Crafts for a Cause: BerdeSaco bags

Berdesaco Bags

Crafts for a Cause, bags made from newspapers

Bags made from newspapers

Crafts for a Cause

Bags from products using doy packs

Crafts for a Cause at Kultura stores. This bag is made up of soda cans pop top lids.

Bags with soda can pop top lids

Crafts for a Cause began with 16 pioneering foundations with products from as far as the Cordillera region to the south in Basilan. For its third year, Kamay Crafts Foundation, the Paper for Now Foundation and the Circle of Friends Foundation are Crafts for a Cause’s newest partners.

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Homemade Body Scrub

My first time to make homemade body scrub or DIY body scrub.

Here was what I did:

Body Scrub



Just mix together and voila! (I deliberately added the brown sugar, that light brown part, to show how it looks like)

How to use the DIY body scrub: You can use this before bathing but be sure to wet the body parts you want to use the homemade body scrub with. Gently use the scrub on your elbows, foot and even face. Wash or rinse with your usual soap or facial/body wash.

Skin will be supple and soft after you rinse the homemade body scrub off. Wash the bathroom floor just in case there is oil residue that might cause slips to the next user.

Easy peasy. If you want to use coconut oil, you can do so. You can also opt to remove the sugar.

You can also use an electronic ph meter if you want, no one is stopping you 😀

Times Are Changing

I’ve noticed something different about career choices of incoming college students these days: the courses have terms that sound different from when I was about to start college. A lot of people also choose to get online college degree rather than commute to school.

Whatever happened to the good old courses?

It seems like everyone ones to just be behind a desk in front of a computer, behind the cameras, stage and doing props of making things in digital form. Don’t these young people want to improve on the food sources and agricultural issues to increase food production? Or maybe discover a cure to lessen dengue fever or increase resistance to airborne diseases?

Times are changing yes, but if everyone wants to be the next big thing in digital arts media, who would take care of the sick? Who would teach the young ones? Who would manage the food sources?

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Fujudenzo Launches New All-in-One Refrigerators

Fujidenzo refrigerators

Fujidenzo recently unveiled new all-in-one refrigerators.

Fujidenzo refrigerators

What makes these Fujidenzo Single Door, Direct-Cool, All-in-One refrigerators stand out?

  • Energy efficiency: better cooling retention due to thicker insulation, 4-zone cooling technology and energy-saving compressors enable these refrigerators to consume 50% less electricity than other no-frost refrigerators with the same capacity.
  • Durable and Functional: durability, functionality and practicality are qualities that are guaranteed because of the sturdy wire shelves, heavy-duty refrigerator top, anti-bacterial coating and push button defrost system.
  • Stylish and spacious: stylishly designed with a stainless look finish, Fujidenzo refrigerators have big freezer space, flexible storage and clean back design.


For more information on the new Fujidenzo Single Door, Direct Cool and All-in-One Refrigerators, click here.

Fujidenzo appliances are distributed by Exatech.

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