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Times Are Changing

I’ve noticed something different about career choices of incoming college students these days: the courses have terms that sound different from when I was about to start college. A lot of people also choose to get online college degree rather than commute to school.

Whatever happened to the good old courses?

It seems like everyone ones to just be behind a desk in front of a computer, behind the cameras, stage and doing props of making things in digital form. Don’t these young people want to improve on the food sources and agricultural issues to increase food production? Or maybe discover a cure to lessen dengue fever or increase resistance to airborne diseases?

Times are changing yes, but if everyone wants to be the next big thing in digital arts media, who would take care of the sick? Who would teach the young ones? Who would manage the food sources?

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Fujudenzo Launches New All-in-One Refrigerators

Fujidenzo refrigerators

Fujidenzo recently unveiled new all-in-one refrigerators.

Fujidenzo refrigerators

What makes these Fujidenzo Single Door, Direct-Cool, All-in-One refrigerators stand out?

  • Energy efficiency: better cooling retention due to thicker insulation, 4-zone cooling technology and energy-saving compressors enable these refrigerators to consume 50% less electricity than other no-frost refrigerators with the same capacity.
  • Durable and Functional: durability, functionality and practicality are qualities that are guaranteed because of the sturdy wire shelves, heavy-duty refrigerator top, anti-bacterial coating and push button defrost system.
  • Stylish and spacious: stylishly designed with a stainless look finish, Fujidenzo refrigerators have big freezer space, flexible storage and clean back design.


For more information on the new Fujidenzo Single Door, Direct Cool and All-in-One Refrigerators, click here.

Fujidenzo appliances are distributed by Exatech.

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Philippine Spring Cleaning Day

Philippine Spring Cleaning Day? Why not?

philippine spring cleaning day

If we need allergies and dengue fever to clean up, then we have to change the way we clean our surroundings by developing good cleaning habits. How?

  • Set a schedule for cleaning AND disinfecting to kill those disease-causing organisms.
  • Put together cleaning supplies in one place for easier access. Seeing these together will inspire you to clean up.
  • Pick up those clothes on the floor and put them in laundry bins.
  • Cleaning also involves discarding those junk things that you are holding on to. “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” so they say. Why not try to clean out your closets and give clothes that have not been worn for over three years? What about those books gathering dust? I’m sure someone else will be happy to get those things from you. I do this every so often much to the chagrin of my better half 😀
  • Try to have indoor plants in your home for a touch of green. Tried it but plants died so I just have a small garden outdoors.
  • Clean  as you go, dust if you must!
  • Fix your bed and change the sheets often to avoid disease-causing bacteria. When the sun is hot, try to “air” the pillows as a way to kill those germs.
  • Sort your trash. We do sorting in this household, putting together those that can be recycled like plastic bottles, plastic wraps, boxes, cans, and foils and giving them to my cleaning lady (who incidentally just finished cleaning the yard a while ago). Our left-over food (if there are any) and peelings go together..
  • Get those cleaning agents and disinfectants from the supermarket shelves straight to the barcode scanner cashiers and don’t hesitate to get them. You’ll be needing these for cleaning up. You paid for these therefore you won’t have second thoughts not using them, right?
  • Try using vinegar for cleaning up. Yes, it actually works and it’s cheaper too.

Reward yourself a treat after your cleaning tasks. On the other hand, having a clean and disinfected house is a reward in itself, don’t you think?


Be part of the first public and private initiative for cleaning and sanitation and join Lysol and its partner organizations as they celebrate the first-ever Philippine Spring Cleaning Day on May 11.

For more details, log on to


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To The Beach

When we had our day tour at the beach last week, I felt happy and at the same time sad. Happy because I am spending a relaxing day with my hubby and sad that I can’t wear any swim wear to spend this day. Ugh, I’d be an unsightly person had I done that.


I remember a running joke a SIL made of herself, “whale watching”. That could be me alright and I’m not laughing at the joke anymore.

Been on the look out for something that will make me lose some of those unsightly pounds. A friend suggested I try herbal supplements while another one said to try myoripped and still another said I better make serious commitment to run more and eat less.

I know these suggestions are good but everything else is up to me.

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Moringa Nutrients

Yes, the “lowly” green vegetable called “Moringa” or Malunggay in Philippine vernacular is one of the most nutritious vegetable there is.

Not only does moringa increase breast milk production, it is also a rich source of nutrients.

Moringa can also be used as a detoxifying agent as well as extender to many dishes.

I’ve read that people in Africa has been planting moringa trees to include in the diet to counter malnutrition. And yes, we’d be having more of moringa in our viands 🙂

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Google Driverless Car

Google’s driverless car has gotten a lot of attention the world over. I for one would like to see it, with James Bond in my mind, wheee!

Who wouldn’t get excited to see this? Ok, some people are wondering out loud if this car is “legal” enough to drive (Q: who’s driving, it IS driverless) on the road or if it even merit a car insurance quote.

Would flying cars be next like the ones in The Jetsons?

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