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Alternative Wedding Anniversaries Article: Copied In Another Site

Below is an article that I -> Treasure Jar, wrote for the now offline internet magazine, WMP.ph and I am posting the commissioned and paid for Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries article here in it’s entirety because I am the author. Someone else copied the whole article and posted it in a site full of other articles copied from different sites. Just like the other article I wrote, Wedding Favor Ideas, this was copied without permission. No, I will not link the site that copied this one.



Celebrating wedding anniversaries has been somewhat predictable: a romantic dinner date at a new restaurant, a bouquet of flowers, the latest tech gadget, or a piece of jewelry are some of the common gifts couples have given each other for the longest time.

By JCF, Treasure Jar

But gifts should not always be expensive. A heartfelt letter or a card, a handmade project, or a homemade special recipe could be alternative options.

Below are several other wonderful things to do as a couple when celebrating wedding anniversaries:

Take a vacation together. It’s not a problem if the budget is tight; planning is the key to get the best travel deals. Escape for a few days from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine and rekindle that romance you shared on your first year together! For the busy couple, a romantic getaway can be an overnight stay at bed and breakfast places.

Have an adventure together that you will surely remember, like trekking on a nearby trail, or camping in the woods!

Instead of spending buying separate gifts for each other, why not make a purchase that you will both enjoy? How about that new exercise machine to keep you fit?

Share your blessings with others! Arrange a charity event and spend time with kids at a local hospital, or go green by organizing a tree planting activity.

There are no right or wrong ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary as long as you’re having fun. A nice way to cherish the memories is to build an anniversary scrapbook that you’ll update annually; by the time you reach your 50th year, imagine how nice it will be to reminisce together!

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