Copying Articles Without Attribution

One of the earliest article I wrote for the now offline was “Wedding Favor Ideas“.

This article was not really about sentimental anniversary gifts though the suggestions there are related for celebrating wedding anniversaries.  Main topic was about wedding favors and how couples have become creative in giving their guests wedding favors that can be used and not thrown away as junk.

Part of my article goes:

Here are some tips on choosing the apt wedding favor depends on the couple’s taste, style, theme and yes, budget.

  • Be practical: practical favors like wine bottle stoppers, notebooks and pens are wonderful ideas. These are not discarded easily because one can have a use for these wedding favor ideas.
  • Anything consumable can be a big hit: mini wine bottles, bottled flavor sauces, flavored candies, mini-cakes and cookies in fancy boxes are some of ideas for this kind of wedding favors. Tea bags with attached instructions with an inspiring message are a good idea too. These can be put in fancy containers that can also double as a table centerpiece.
  • Stylish and functional: linens like handkerchiefs, mini-towels and stationery are some suggested wedding favors.
  • Go green: potted orchids and/or herbs can double as a table centerpiece. Pots can be painted to match the color motif of the wedding.


FYI: This entire article I wrote was copied in it’s entirety by a Multiply account, a seller of wedding favors. No attribution was given to the online publication which was owned by one of the bigger TV networks in the country. If I hadn’t gotten Google Alerts from it, I wouldn’t know that my published and paid for article was copied, word per word.

Oh yeah, my name was there, along with this blog’s url which was linked only when the editor asked seller to.

And no, I will not post the seller’s link here and have her get inquiries and traffic.


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