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Waiting for the Waves

Ahhh…to be young, carefree and not have a lot of stress.

Waiting for the waves

Can’t we just be these three for a while? No responsibilities to think of, no more bills to pay or no bargaining with tenacious teens who not just ask for big allowances, or plain ask for the moon to be handed on a silver platter.

Sorry honey, it doesn’t work that way, you have to have responsibilities that go with whatever you fee you need to have, as long as your parents can afford it.

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Big Doors

I edited this to make it look like the doors or the house itself was photographed a few decades ago.

edited to look old

It sure makes one reminisce about the times when our great grandparents were still alive.

This is a perfect setting for a big polished car to come and and stop to collect a lovely lady all dressed up to go a ball while her dad (who loves the best maduro cigars) look on with worry that his little girl is growing up too fast.

I think I’d like to live in this kind of generation, possibly 30’s to the 50’s where dressing up is a big thing.

I just don’t know if I can survive without my smartphone though, 😀


Serious courtships in past have the men serenading the women, professing their undying love while belting out songs with their washburn guitars accompanied by friends and other family members.

Gone are those days when gentlemen not only serenade their loved ones with songs but they also help with back-breaking work in the woman’s home to be able to gain the support of the woman’s family 😀

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Alternative Wedding Anniversaries Article: Copied In Another Site

Below is an article that I -> Treasure Jar, wrote for the now offline internet magazine, and I am posting the commissioned and paid for Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries article here in it’s entirety because I am the author. Someone else copied the whole article and posted it in a site full of other articles copied from different sites. Just like the other article I wrote, Wedding Favor Ideas, this was copied without permission. No, I will not link the site that copied this one.



Celebrating wedding anniversaries has been somewhat predictable: a romantic dinner date at a new restaurant, a bouquet of flowers, the latest tech gadget, or a piece of jewelry are some of the common gifts couples have given each other for the longest time.

By JCF, Treasure Jar

But gifts should not always be expensive. A heartfelt letter or a card, a handmade project, or a homemade special recipe could be alternative options.

Below are several other wonderful things to do as a couple when celebrating wedding anniversaries:

Take a vacation together. It’s not a problem if the budget is tight; planning is the key to get the best travel deals. Escape for a few days from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine and rekindle that romance you shared on your first year together! For the busy couple, a romantic getaway can be an overnight stay at bed and breakfast places.

Have an adventure together that you will surely remember, like trekking on a nearby trail, or camping in the woods!

Instead of spending buying separate gifts for each other, why not make a purchase that you will both enjoy? How about that new exercise machine to keep you fit?

Share your blessings with others! Arrange a charity event and spend time with kids at a local hospital, or go green by organizing a tree planting activity.

There are no right or wrong ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary as long as you’re having fun. A nice way to cherish the memories is to build an anniversary scrapbook that you’ll update annually; by the time you reach your 50th year, imagine how nice it will be to reminisce together!

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Copying Articles Without Attribution

One of the earliest article I wrote for the now offline was “Wedding Favor Ideas“.

This article was not really about sentimental anniversary gifts though the suggestions there are related for celebrating wedding anniversaries.  Main topic was about wedding favors and how couples have become creative in giving their guests wedding favors that can be used and not thrown away as junk.

Part of my article goes:

Here are some tips on choosing the apt wedding favor depends on the couple’s taste, style, theme and yes, budget.

  • Be practical: practical favors like wine bottle stoppers, notebooks and pens are wonderful ideas. These are not discarded easily because one can have a use for these wedding favor ideas.
  • Anything consumable can be a big hit: mini wine bottles, bottled flavor sauces, flavored candies, mini-cakes and cookies in fancy boxes are some of ideas for this kind of wedding favors. Tea bags with attached instructions with an inspiring message are a good idea too. These can be put in fancy containers that can also double as a table centerpiece.
  • Stylish and functional: linens like handkerchiefs, mini-towels and stationery are some suggested wedding favors.
  • Go green: potted orchids and/or herbs can double as a table centerpiece. Pots can be painted to match the color motif of the wedding.


FYI: This entire article I wrote was copied in it’s entirety by a Multiply account, a seller of wedding favors. No attribution was given to the online publication which was owned by one of the bigger TV networks in the country. If I hadn’t gotten Google Alerts from it, I wouldn’t know that my published and paid for article was copied, word per word.

Oh yeah, my name was there, along with this blog’s url which was linked only when the editor asked seller to.

And no, I will not post the seller’s link here and have her get inquiries and traffic.


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Jose Rizal House

Jose Rizal, being the Philippine National Hero, has his Calamba, Laguna family house as one of the more popular educational field trip destinations of elementary school children.

Rizal House Dining Room

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