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Alternative Wedding Anniversaries Article: Copied In Another Site

Below is an article that I -> Treasure Jar, wrote for the now offline internet magazine, and I am posting the commissioned and paid for Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries article here in it’s entirety because I am the author. Someone else copied the whole article and posted it in a site full of other articles copied from different sites. Just like the other article I wrote, Wedding Favor Ideas, this was copied without permission. No, I will not link the site that copied this one.



Celebrating wedding anniversaries has been somewhat predictable: a romantic dinner date at a new restaurant, a bouquet of flowers, the latest tech gadget, or a piece of jewelry are some of the common gifts couples have given each other for the longest time.

By JCF, Treasure Jar

But gifts should not always be expensive. A heartfelt letter or a card, a handmade project, or a homemade special recipe could be alternative options.

Below are several other wonderful things to do as a couple when celebrating wedding anniversaries:

Take a vacation together. It’s not a problem if the budget is tight; planning is the key to get the best travel deals. Escape for a few days from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine and rekindle that romance you shared on your first year together! For the busy couple, a romantic getaway can be an overnight stay at bed and breakfast places.

Have an adventure together that you will surely remember, like trekking on a nearby trail, or camping in the woods!

Instead of spending buying separate gifts for each other, why not make a purchase that you will both enjoy? How about that new exercise machine to keep you fit?

Share your blessings with others! Arrange a charity event and spend time with kids at a local hospital, or go green by organizing a tree planting activity.

There are no right or wrong ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary as long as you’re having fun. A nice way to cherish the memories is to build an anniversary scrapbook that you’ll update annually; by the time you reach your 50th year, imagine how nice it will be to reminisce together!

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Private Matters

People are happy to finally find their long-lost elementary or high school classmates in Facebook. Isn’t it exciting to finally get in touch with these people after a long time?

Of course! you say. And so you share your intimate details in your page for everyone’s perusal: birthdate, employers, pages, organizations you like, TV shows you watch, photos of your families, photos of yourself, your email addresses, your mobile numbers and even your home address.

No problem these people are your friends, you say. Ok then, your call.

Problem happens when your friends have friends who can see you and have not-so-good plans after seeing your lovely grand home and reading that you will be away from a vacation for several days.

That is probably worse than writing about the need for a cure for herpes read by your partner.

Strangers can see and read those too because I happened to read and saw a LOT of these status updates and photos that are best kept hidden from strangers.

You don’t know what I am talking about? Check your privacy setting. Hide your tagged photos from people you don’t want looking at them.

Better yet, read the Six Things You Should Never Reveal in Social Networking Sites.

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Join Palamantasan ng Sarap Sustansya at Saya and Win Kraft Gift Packs

PALAMANTASAN is Kraft Foods’ extended project about Nutrition in the recently concluded July Nutrition Month celebration.

Palamantasan aims to give importance to proper nutrition and incorporating this concept to the educational programs not just during Nutrition Month but all year round.

In this regard, Palamantasan and Kraft is launching a contest where those who will join will pledge  to do something to help improve the health and nutrition of their loved ones and themselves too. Winners get to win a Kraft gift pack too! How cool is that?

Promo Requirements:

  • Facebook page

Promo Mechanics:

1.       Go to the Facebook Page of  Palamantasan ng Sarap, Sustansya at Saya and add yourself as a fan

2.       On your Facebook Wall, share with us your pledge on how to fight malnutrition by tagging us in . Example: “@Palamantasan ng Sarap, Sustansya at Saya I promise to include vegetables in my daily meals”. To  tag, type in the “@” symbol then follow it with the world “Palamantasan” This will prompt a drop-down menu box which will present you “Palamantasan ng Sarap, Sustansya at Saya”. Click that and you should see the “Palamantasan ng Sarap, Sustansya at Saya” become a blue link.

3.       After writing your pledge, click the attach link icon and paste the URL of this post.

4.       Afterwards, change the privacy restriction of this post to “Everyone” by clicking on the lock icon just left of the “Share” button.


6.       See if your entry is valid by checking my page and the Palamantasan fanpage.

7.       I will choose the most creative answer of the lot

8.       Prize can be claimed at the GeiserMaclang office by contacting Sam Sanchez (I will give Sam’s contact details for the winners)

9.       Winners will also be announced by me in this post.

Promo Period: September 01 to September 15

Announcement of winners: September 18

Claiming Period: September 20 – 30

Promo Prize: 10 winners will receive a Kraft gift pack each

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Think Before I Speak

I got that New Year’s resolution here, a randomly generated one if I may say so.

No, I am not complaining.

Maybe I need to do this for there have been a lot of times that I have been tactless, thoughtless and had my words come out without a thought if these are hurtful, insulting or bad.

Try it and share what you got 🙂

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Lechon Kawali Recipe

For the FMB Lunch Meme, we had lechon kawali as viand for our Monday packed lunch. The lechon meat was from the post-Media Noche lunch we had last Saturday.

I am not used to cooking lechon kawali so I just had to rely on my instinct and taste buds as to what I will put.

Here was how I did it:

  1. In very little oil, I sauteed lots of garlic and onions.
  2. Then I put lechon meat in the pan.
  3. I then put on some (strawberry cider) vinegar, a little (muscovado) sugar, a little soy sauce and a little bit of (less sodium) oyster sauce.
  4. A dash of ground pepper (cracked peppercorns are not used since there are children who will eat the dish), half a cup of commercially bottled lechon sauce and a bay leaf completed the recipe.

I cooked in slow heat for several minutes.

No, sometimes I don’t follow certain measurements when I cook. Photo here.

What else have I forgotten?

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