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Reading About 2009 in Review

Since I am unable to move and be up and about, I got to reading a lot of year-ender articles. I absolutely love these article summing up what has happened. There are topics and issues that are familiar and there are those I just encountered just now.

I have been reading about the decade’s cybercrimes when I got to open several tabs which made me search for diamonds and in turn made me read about NatGeo’s SuperDiamonds.

I don’t know, there is just something about crime and diamonds that go together.

Oh well, now I am off to read more. Who knows, I might learn something new today and I am sure I will  🙂

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Jesus Calms the Storm


We need assurance that our country will be safe as we brace ourselves with Supertyphoon Parma which is considered a category 5.

We have been through a lot last weekend and the days after the typhoon and now this new threat.

I tried to pacify my nervous feelings by reading on the Word and I turned the Bible to the time when Jesus calmed the storm:

Jesus Calms the Storm

Yes, we pray that we will be delivered from this ordeal. God help this country.

UPDATE 8:20am: Parma has changed course and is not directly affecting MegaManila although the northern pat of the country is experiencing rains.

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Archy McNally

Archibald “Archy” McNally is a flamboyant, funny and extra-ordinaire sleuth character created by Lawrence Sanders for McNally series of books.

What have I learned about Archy?

In the series, food preparation and it’s taste description are given a lot of thought that I feel like the food I’m used to eating will not pass Archy’s sophisticated palate. He is a member of the Pelican Club.

He has been going out with Consuela for the longest time (at least in the book).

He goes for a swim across his home, which is actually a room in his parents’ big home. His mom loves begonias. His father is a revered lawyer who runs McNally and Son. They have cocktails before dinner. He has a sister in another state.

He wears outrageous clothes that will sure catch the attention of other people.

He drives a Miata.

He smokes English Ovals.

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Books in Our Home Library

Everywhere one goes to our home, reading materials can be seen. Magazines in the bathrooms and on the bedside table, cookbooks in the kitchen, children’s story books on the sofa, the paperback I am currently reading on the bed (lol!), countless e-books in the computers and different kinds of books in the library.

Here is one part of our home library. Pardon the clutter, the books keep piling up faster than I can organize these.

I have a thing about collecting an author’s books if I like what I have read. Among my collection are (my almost complete) Mary Higgins-Clark and her daughter Carol, David Baldacci, Michael Crichton, Richard North Patterson, David Kellerman, almost complete Archie McNally series by Lawrence Sanders, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum, among others.

Oh, by the way, I don’t usually buy new books, I get these from bargain book stores. I only buy new books that come in series like the Harry Potter books.

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Goodbye, Michael Crichton

I can not exactly remember which among his books I first read. I just knew I love the way he writes. He was one of those writers whose books I have collected through the years.

He  wrote about electrodes and minicomputers in the brain of the main character in The Terminal Man.

Dinosaurs came alive through their DNA in Jurassic Park.

So many different ideas in his books that readers will be enthralled finishing till the last page.

And now he is gone. At least I have these:

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The Eight

The Eight is Katherine Neville‘s first novel.

I have read this book a few years ago, twice. It is not a light reading, no, not exactly what one would bring for a day of relaxation at the beach. The book is full of history (though they have five erroneous events there) that parallels to a modern day story whose setting was the year 1972 with simultaneous events happening during the French Revolution.

The novel has real-life historical figures whose lives are intertwined with the two strong historical female characters. The modern-day main character, Cat Velis is an enigma herself too but Carioca the dog steals the limelight a few times 🙂

This book had me traveling to Algeria, which seem an exotic country with a rich and colorful history.

And now “The Eight” has a sequel, entitled “The Fire” and I can’t wait to get my hands on that book. I am thinking though if I still need to read “The Eight” again before I do so just to refresh my mind 😀

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