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We Love Books

I have written here that we love to go to Power Books TriNoma.

Reading The Magic Treehouse

While the children are reading in the children’s section, I go over to an adjacent section and look at the recipe books while my eldest daughter browses shelves filled with books she is interested to read.

One time, I overhead a group of teenagers whispering and giggling about looking for books about skin care. One mentioned something that sounded unfamiliar. I searched for it when we got home and found out the name: accutane. Definitely sounds new to me.

Anyway, I would want to get a copy of a certain recipe book when we get back. I’m sure my eldest daughter would again ask me to get that other vampire book for her (rolls eyes).

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The Eight

The Eight is Katherine Neville‘s first novel.

I have read this book a few years ago, twice. It is not a light reading, no, not exactly what one would bring for a day of relaxation at the beach. The book is full of history (though they have five erroneous events there) that parallels to a modern day story whose setting was the year 1972 with simultaneous events happening during the French Revolution.

The novel has real-life historical figures whose lives are intertwined with the two strong historical female characters. The modern-day main character, Cat Velis is an enigma herself too but Carioca the dog steals the limelight a few times 🙂

This book had me traveling to Algeria, which seem an exotic country with a rich and colorful history.

And now “The Eight” has a sequel, entitled “The Fire” and I can’t wait to get my hands on that book. I am thinking though if I still need to read “The Eight” again before I do so just to refresh my mind 😀

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