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Planning for Summer

Been enjoying the relatively cool weather even if it means a lot of people, including my children are getting some sniffles. Much as I love this cool weather though I fear what the summer will bring. I can perhaps do something about the heat and bear it till the temps go down at night.

I have several plans for summer and none of that include travel yet. What are these things?

  • We plan to get rechargeable fans and lights for the brownout schedules.
  • We also plan to get more water containers like steel drums and big plastic ones for the foreseen water shortage. As I’ve written, we are not used to having water 24/7 and I think we can live with that since we have been doing that for more than a decade already because we are used to storing water for rationing.
  • We plan to purchase more comfortable clothes for summer to temporarily not feel humid weather.
  • More fruits to quench the thirst is a best way to go.

Do you have summer plans already?

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Little Purple Flowers

Little purple flowers but they are a bit blurry because it was a windy day when I took the photos:

little purple flowers

I know, I shouldn’t made a excuse, valid though it may be. Anyway, I hope you will see an almost purple sunset sky here.

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Sunday Family Picnic

Sunday Family Picnic

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Crescent Moon and Venus on May 16, 2010

My eldest daughter noticed this unusual spectacle yesterday and took several photos: May 16, 2010 Venus and crescent moon alignment. One of which is this:

venus and moon

Venus and crescent moon aligned in the sky. Photo taken at 6:38pm some minutes before the setting happened, time was according to the news. Daughter said she even saw Venus “disappear” while we were on the road, which was also reported in the news.

I say it beats seeing this in person rather than watching video footage even on HDTV.

This rarely occurs and the next one is said to be slated on August 13, 2012 which is a day after this daughter’s birthday. Not everyone gets to see it too.

My friend iMom took a photo too. Enchie had photos too.

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Winners and Losers

Now that  country’s first (semi) automated election has come to pass, I am sure a lot have heaved a sigh of relief while some probably shook their heads in disbelief and started planning on how to amass to get back the money they spent. I know of people who need anti wrinkle cream because of so many problems and challenges they had to face for several months.

I for one am grateful that I do not need to listen to and watch TVC of empty promises and catchy tunes (that got one senator the highest votes among all candidates, merde!).

My choice for president didn’t win but I am glad the one who is leading the count is one I can agree with rather the one tailing behind him. To those who conceded, I salute you!

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Baby Plant

baby plant

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