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  1. Nag :: argh!
  2. Smug :: looking people are not people you’d like to see on a daily basis
  3. Barry :: Manilow and Gibbs
  4. Righteous :: People must have righteous principals in the first, and then they will not fail to perform virtuous actions. ~Martin Luther
  5. Hairstylist :: I need to see one. ASAP.
  6. Vibrate :: the mobile phone when the circumstances call for it.
  7. Deal :: with hurt feelings when graduation announcements come and not everyone is invited to attend the momentous event.
  8. Communicate :: with your loved ones. Always.
  9. Telling :: sentences are also called declarative sentences.
  10. Andrew :: Lloyd Webber music is wonderful

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Appreciate Life

  1. Habit :: routine
  2. Relaunch :: a lot of companies are doing this to attract more customers
  3. Mondays :: come too soon
  4. Bootstrap :: pull!
  5. Funk : -y music
  6. Appreciate :: makes one feel great
  7. Yay! :: Hooray!
  8. Life :: is a gift
  9. Sheets :: I have to change these ASAP
  10. Date night :: haven’t watched yet

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We Love Books

I have written here that we love to go to Power Books TriNoma.

Reading The Magic Treehouse

While the children are reading in the children’s section, I go over to an adjacent section and look at the recipe books while my eldest daughter browses shelves filled with books she is interested to read.

One time, I overhead a group of teenagers whispering and giggling about looking for books about skin care. One mentioned something that sounded unfamiliar. I searched for it when we got home and found out the name: accutane. Definitely sounds new to me.

Anyway, I would want to get a copy of a certain recipe book when we get back. I’m sure my eldest daughter would again ask me to get that other vampire book for her (rolls eyes).

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Wild Card Exhibition


  1. Suitcase :: have one, will travel
  2. Exhaust ::  Fan in the kitchen has been stolen years ago
  3. Olympics :: go, go, go!
  4. Video ::  (s) of my children make me smile
  5. Cargo :: have one, will travel, just don’t have too much so you don’t pay extra 😉
  6. Previously ::  on NCIS…
  7. Wild card ::  Its Your Lucky Day!
  8. Artificial :: relief for wrinkles, wrinkle cream
  9. Gambling ::  I believe is an addiction that is an issue with a lot of people
  10. Exhibition :: Games are always fun to watch

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Running Water


  1. MacGyver :: used to watch this
  2. Garter :: “bacon” 😀
  3. Wedge ::  lemon
  4. Inches :: feet
  5. Code :: Morse
  6. Water :: refreshing
  7. Running :: I am
  8. Curly :: Tops (locally made chocolate)
  9. Turkey :: dinner
  10. Stupor :: zzzz….

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Purple Shower


  1. Grace :: of God
  2. Shower :: of blessings
  3. Alice :: in Wonderland movie, we want to watch this!
  4. Purple :: Haze
  5. Apartment :: rent
  6. 3 :: my children
  7. Car :: trip
  8. Pregnant :: a friend
  9. Counselor ::  human relations
  10. Discretion :: secret

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