In Death Series

Been reading a series of ebooks by J.D. Robb or Nora Roberts called “In Death” with a futuristic setting where droids serve the people and where cars can fly and move on land. Oh yeah, intergalatic space travel is very easy to do.

What got me curious was the home security setting where everything is computerized, including camera settings, car settings and entries and exits on homes. No wonder people in the series are confident to keep their valuables like real precious stones, maybe even gold ounces as well as antiques which are what we currently use these days like guns and weapons.

I’d like something like that at home to keep out the unwanted intruders.

But even the most secured premises are vulnerable to people who are desperate to go inside where they are unwanted.

Ok, going back to the series. I just love Eve Dallas and Roarke.

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