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Have your children tried VitaPops yet?


Now here is newer and better way to get the children to load up on vitamin C to protect themselves from illnesses.


Here are some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about VITAPOPS, from the makers of Ceelin:

1. What is VitaPops?

VitaPops is the first & only Vitamin C in pop rocks format in the market that guarantees full protection while ensuring that kids enjoy the experience of taking it:

Vitamin C: protection from sickness
Pop Rocks Format: fizzles and pops inside the mouth for an enjoyable experience

2. How is it packaged?
VitaPops is contained in single-dose sachet packaging so there’s no need to worry about spillage or breakage of bottles. It’s very handy and convenient to bring anywhere.

3. How much is it?
Each sachet costs P10.

4. When will it be available in the market?
It is already available in all leading drugstores nationwide.

5. Is VitaPops sweet like candy?
VitaPops contains just the right amount of sweetness so that kids will enjoy its taste. The best part about its sugar content is that it only contains 1/5 the sugar level found in regular vitamins, which reduces the risk of tooth decay.

6. Is VitaPops strictly for 7 to 12 years old only?
Children as young as four years old can already take and enjoy VitaPops.

7. How often should kids take VitaPops?
Children can take 1-2 sachets per day or as directed by a pediatrician.

8. Can my kids get overdosed with VitaPops?
No, Vitamin C is water-soluble so any excessive intake will just be excreted through the urine.

9. How is it different from Ceelin Chewables?
We know the challenge of dealing with 7-12 year olds, we understand the need of moms to continue protecting their kids from sickness and keeping them healthy without the difficulty of giving vitamins/healthy food. We need to reward kids just to take what’s good for them. Finally, we have exactly what we need with with Ceelin Chewables as well as VitaPops — available in fun format options, which guarantee full protection. Both are yummy and healthy for kids and are in formats that they love: chewable and pop rocks.

10. Vitamin C in VitaPops comes in which form?
VitaPops is in a non-acidic Sodium Ascorbate formulation. It doesn’t cause stomach irritation even if it is consumed on an empty stomach.

11. What is the shelf life of VitaPops? Because it’s made of granules, don’t they get sticky and solidify after sometime?
VitaPops is best consumed within 2 years from when it was produced. Solidification happens when the product is exposed to humidity and moisture. To prevent this from happening, we recommend keeping VitaPops in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

12. What makes VitaPops pop? Is that safe?
VitaPops is safe to take and is FDA-approved. It pops because when the granules that contain Carbon Dioxide come in contact with moisture, it dissolves and the gas escapes quickly producing a fizzing and popping sound.

13. Why should I give VitaPops to my children? Why should I trust this new product?
Aside from being a vitamin that boosts immunity and that kids enjoy due to its unique and fun formulation, VitaPops comes from the makers of Ceelin, the country’s leading brand of Vitamin C from Unilab. You are assured of affordable, quality healthcare.

14. Can my kids get allergies from VitaPops?
VitaPops is generally safe and does not cause any allergies. But it is still best to consult with your pediatrician.

15. How much Vitamin C can my child get from VitaPops? How does it compare to vegetables, fruits and milk?
1 VitaPops sachet contains 50 mg of Vitamin C and is equivalent to 5 glasses of milk / 28 pieces of calamansi / 1 ½ glasses of freshly squeezed orange.

16. Could vegetables, fruits and milk rich in Vitamin C give my child the necessary amount to ensure full immunity?
While these may be healthy for your kids, there may not be enough Vitamin C to satisfy the recommended daily intake of 35 mg for 7-9 yrs old and 45 mg for 10-12 yrs old. For example, for every 100g serving of fresh squash only 9 mg of Vitamin C can be provided; 100g of Cabbage at 36.6 mg of Vitamin C; Tomato at 13 mg. For milk, every 250 mL serving only has around 2.6 mg of Vitamin C. It would still be recommended for your kids to take Vitamin C supplements for full Vitamin C protection.

VitaPops is a product of Unilab.

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It is a staycation for the hubby and I for this long weekend. He is supposed to go to work Saturday but he canceled going and already informed his team that he is not coming (so there’s really no need for him to get an employee warning notice, 😀 ) Reason: we got a nasty stomach flu.

No need to go into the nitty-gritty eeewwww details but let me just say: I am famished beyond belief.

There is no actual treatment for stomach flu but these were what we did:

  • We didn’t eat for a few days
  • We subsisted on fruits: apples, oranges and bananas.
  • I ate root crops like camote
  • We ate a lot of boiled eggs
  • We drank a lot of sports drink to keep the sodium up
  • I drank a few glasses of oral hydration salt mixed in water to avoid dehydration
  • I ate candy when my mouth feels odd.
To avoid having this, it is important to wash, wash and wash your hands properly. We do that always but I guess if the bug gets to you, it stays for a while no matter how you try to be as clean as you want to.
If there was one thing that is positive with this, the children are not with us because they are vacationing with my parents.
They are coming back today though so I hope they won’t get what we got. Ugh.


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VitaPops Wacky Science Fair

We normally do not get out of the house on Sundays unless it is necessary to do so. We are like vampires, hah! We go out when the sun is setting low. Seriously,  we do that Sunday after Sunday with the vow to go out earlier next Sunday.

Last Sunday, October 21, was different though because we went to VitaPops Wacky Science Fair all the way to SM Mall of Asia.

At first the kids were not too excited on the prospect of having to travel far away when they just want to do stay home the whole day. In the end, they were happy we went and here are some photos to explain why:

VitaPops Wacky Science

Magic Show

Buzz Wire at VitaPops Wacky Science

Buzz Wire

VitaPops Wacky Science

Play Area

VitaPops Wacky Science

Make Your Own Volcano

Unilab, the country’s leading healthcare provider, introduced this innovative product recently to help children have fun while staying healthy.

VitaPops comes from Ceelin. VitaPops is the first & only pop rocks Vitamin C for kids that fizzles inside the mouth, which makes taking vitamins an experience that kids look forward to.


We, at Unilab, are excited to introduce this vitamin that will definitely make taking Vitamin C a fun, memorable experience. VitaPops is the first & only pop rocks Vitamin C in the country,” shared VitaPops Product Manager Joseph Aruta. “Aside from its unique format, VitaPops comes in a single-dose sachet making it more convenient for moms and kids to bring around, has 1/5 the sugar content compared to your regular vitamins and is formulated with Sodium Ascorbate making it tummy-friendly. With VitaPops, we hope to give moms & kids a healthy yet fun compromise.

 VitaPops sachets are available at supermarkets and drugstores at SRP P10/sachet.

 Like VitaPops Wacky Science on Facebook.

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Swish Breath Spray

I was supposed to write a review about Swish Breath Spray but I totally forgot about it. How did I remember? The small bottle in my bag has maxed out the sprays it can give, lol!

Here is a photo I took when I got the Swish Breath Spray products (along with Swish Mouthwash) for review:


Let me write down why I like this product, Swish Breath Spray:

  • alcohol-free
  • kills germs and bacteria-causing bad breath
  • convenient to bring anywhere because it is small
  • can last till 100 sprays
  • retails at around Php105 – 110 ( That’s about one peso for every spray)

Here is my Swish Breath Spray along with some Kikay essentials in my bag:

Kikay kit

Swish Breath Spray, like the Swish Mouthwash have Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh flavor variants.

I used to have these mint candies in my bag that I pop in my mouth when I feel the need to freshen my breath but I think these contributed to my having toothaches before because these are not exactly sugar-free.

Swish Breath Spray and Swish Mouthwash are available in supermarkets, drug stores and convenience stores nationwide.

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Moms on The Floor October 13, 2012


{PRESS RELEASE} Mommy Mundo: Moms on The FloorMommy Mundo- the country’s go-to resource for active, modern moms is inviting moms to get on the floor this October 13, 2012, Saturday at The LOFT, Manansala Tower, Rockwell, Makati.

The Loft at the Manansala Rockwell

Getting “ON THE FLOOR” means fitness, bonding and fun! Moms on the Floor is a floor-based learning and bonding event for expectant moms and dads, and moms with infants and kids .

Now on its third year, MOMS ON THE FLOOR, promises to be equally exciting with the three portions Mommy Mundo has prepared.

  • The first portion is for pregnant moms from 10:00am to 12:00nn. The portion will feature prenatal yin yoga by Dona Esteban and labor and breathing exercises by Rome Kanapi.

Dona Esteban

  • The second portion is for moms with infants 0-1 year old will be from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. The portion will feature infant massage by Rome Kanapi and mom and baby exercises by Gymboree.

Rome Kanapi

  • The last portion will be for moms with kids that are 1 to 6 years old from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. This portion will feature YogaKids by Michelle Aventajado and Zumba fun by Slimmers World.

Michelle Ressa Aventajado

Participation is free but PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIREDas there are limited slots available per portion. Interested husbands or partners also need to register to join the event.To register:

  1. Email your name, mobile number and which portion you will join at with subject line: MOTF REG
  2. you may also text the info to 0917-8162524.
  3. Registered participants will get a confirmation text or email.

All Participants must bring their own mats and come in comfortable clothing.

For more details you may visit and

Moms on the Floor is co-presented by Shop Mommy Matters, Philippine Association for Childbirth Education, GlaxoSmithKline, Anmum, and Cordlife Cord Philippines.

The event is also supported by Cycles Mild Detergent, Cradle, Philips Avent, Crystal Clear, Pigeon, Tiny Buds, Gymboree, Slimmers World and media partners Manila Bulletin, Working Mom Magazine, Smartparenting Magazine, Baby on Board, Urban Mom Magazine, Mommy Pages, Crossover 105.1 and the Lifestyle Network.


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I Need Arch Strap

I need arch strap and I have been to a lot of sports stores selling anything that supports injured or otherwise body parts but I can’t find one.

my foot

That is my foot, encased in an LP ankle support. It does little wonders, my heel spur is not that painful when I wear it. I’ve read about arch strap and that is one thing that I need to have. As in now if you please, 😀

Further reading brought me to superfeet insoles here and it got me interested. Would this be another answer to my heel spur pain? I hope I would be able to find a pair that suits me just fine when I do my round of sports stores again.

I hope superfeet insoles have supplies I can buy here in the Philippines!

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