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Do You Scrimp or Splurge?

With the holidays a few months away, you are at a dilemma on what to scrimp and what to splurge on. It is so tempting to purchase a lot of those wonderful things on display that seem to be “calling your name.”

Scrimping and splurging habits are not limited to the holiday season though. Proper planning of daily expenditures, major or minor, can help you stretch your budget and manage your finances well.

Scrimping? Why not? Scrimping helps you make do with what you have and enable you to save for the days ahead when you might need extra cash for something important. It is imperative though to know whether you are doing it right when it comes to scrimping.

Splurging? Why not? You work hard and you tell yourself that you deserve only the best that your earnings can buy. It is reasonable to splurge on things that will give you utmost enjoyment and satisfaction, right?

(As for me, because I need to get as new pair of eyeglasses, I won’t scrimp on my purchase so I will look for great eyeglasses here.)

The following are some factors to consider in deciding whether to scrimp or splurge:

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Ipanema Switch Strap

Are you ready for change? Ipanema is introducing the newest line of flip flops bound to make you switch— the Ipanema Switch Strap.

Ipanema Switch Strap

A pair of Ipanema Switch Strap comes with two additional straps. You can just switch the strap to whatever mood you feel when you put on your Ipanema Switch Strap pair.

Ipanema Switch Strap

Ipanema Switch Strap is a beauty trick just right for the behavior of modern women. Made from patented super-soft Melflex plastic, Ipanema Switch Strap not only beautifies your feet but also comforts and supports them. Colorful butterflies and neon hearts cover each side of the sandals—spreading the cheerful disposition and spirit of Brazil.

I like this pair:

Ipanema Switch Strap

Visit Ipanema Philippines on Facebook and find out more about Ipanema Switch Strap.

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Fujidenzo Cooking Ranges

The different Fujidenzo cooking ranges as seen from Exatech online site offers a wide array of cooking ranges according to one’s needs, budget and kitchen space.

The Fujidenzo Cooking Ranges have an extensive line-up from high-priced range to low-priced range.

More than the prices, it is important to note that Fujidenzo Cooking Ranges have the following features:

  1. Energy Efficient due to the double glass door oven and precision burner holes.
  2. Safety Convenience with full electric ignition and spill guard.
  3. Practical and Hygienic because of stainless steel cooktop, splashback feature.
  4. Use of high grade stainless steel
  5. The Fujidenzo Cooking Ranges are available in 50cm, 60cm and 90cm.

With over 100 service centers nationwide and 2 years warranty on parts, these European-made Fujidenzo Cooking Ranges are definitely worth every penny you have saved.

The following are models available models under Php40,000:

Fujidenzo GR9425 RS

  • GR9425 RS (90cm Cooking Range, 4 Gas Burners, 2 Electric Plates)
  • GR6312 RVSS

  • GR6312 RVSS (60cm Cooking Range, Full Safety Valves, Full Stainless Steel Cooktop, Full Stainless Steel Body)
  • GR6312 RS

  • GR6312 RS (60 cm 3 gas + 1 electric burner with rotisserie, gas oven with grill, thermostat – satina)
  • GR6312 RSB

  • GR6312 RSB (Splashback 60 cm 3 gas + 1 electric burner with rotisserie, gas oven with grill, thermostat – satina)
  • GR6403 RSB

  • GR6403 RSB (Splashback 60 cm 4 gas burner, gas oven with grill, rotisserie, thermostat, cast iron – satina)
  • ER6402 RS

  • ER 6402 RS (60 cm 4 electric burner, elec oven, rotisserie, thermostat – satina)
  • GR5310 S

  • GR5310 S (50 cm 3 gas + 1 electric burner with glass top, gas oven – satina)
  • GR5311 RS

  • GR5311 RS (50 cm 3 gas + 1 electric burner with rotisserie, gas oven, timer with glass top – satina)
  • ER5402 S

  • ER5402 S (50 cm All electric cooking Range – metal cover, thermostat – Satina)
  • GR5400 S

  • GR5400 S (50 cm 4 gas burner w/ gas oven and grill function, metal cover – satina)
  • GR549 W

  • GR549 W (50 cm 4 gas burner w/ gas oven – White)
  • If you want to know more about Fujidenzo Cooking Ranges, click here -> EXATECH

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    CarbTrim and Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

    One of the best ways to drink a teaspoon or a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar is to mix this with your regular drink of juice or water. In fact, one of the instructions to having this regularly is to drink a glass of warm water with a T of Apple Cider Vinegar. You can add honey to make the mix sweeter and easier to drink.


    Photo posted here.

    This is my way of having a tablespoon or sometimes more, of Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: mix with CarbTrim and add a slice of lemon or navel orange. TIP: slice a lemon or navel orange and put these in the freezer so you do not need to slice every time you need to make these drinks.

    CarbTrim is a carb-blocking product in a refreshing iced tea drink.  It contains Phase 2 white kidney bean, a natural extract clinically-proven to block up to 66% of carbs you eat. ~source

    Two of the many benefits of Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar are the following: (Source)

    • Helps control weight
    • Promotes digestion & ph Balance

    Now these two would be great together in losing the weight. We need to remember though to moderate food intake and take one or two kinds of exercise to help lose the unwanted pounds.

    By the way, I won TEN BOXES of CarbTrim through this photo, so go follow CarbTrim on Twitter and who knows, you might also win boxes of CarbTrim like me 😀

    Here are the boxes.

    Practicality Rules

    I’d like to think that I am a practical person, at least most of the time (at least most of the time? errr…).

    How and why?

    I’d rather bring packed food than buy whenever we are going somewhere.

    I’d rather school children do “textbook rental” than buy 6-8 books that will just gather dust after the school year is over. If it was me, I’d rather they use digital books than real books because I am an early adapter for reading ebooks way back when I still use a Palm Pilot. Yeah,  like circa very 2000’s.

    I’d rather learn to cook recipes that catch the fancy of the family than dine out to order.

    For example: A pack of these green chili fingers costs around Php10-15 and it has around 15 pieces. It doesn’t take a lot of cheese to put inside the chili. It doesn’t take a lot of “lumpia” wrapper to wrap each chili. At the nearby restaurant, these Cheese Sticks Dynamite are Php85/5 pieces. Now, why would I buy when I can make it at home? The practical thing here is to make these in big batches and freeze so you can just get some to fry if you want to have them.

    Cheese stick dynamites

    I’d rather spend a great deal of time taking care of the laundry and folding carefully the clothes rather than have these ironed at the laundry shop. If the clothes are well cared for, these can be given to others who might need them. Is it practical for me to have the clothes brought to the laundry shop for ironing? I think so because I am not fond of the task and second, we don’t pay too much which saves me time and effort to do other things. We don’t add electricity to the cost too.


    For school supplies, we have two big plastic boxes for school supplies where the children can “shop” for unexpected things like folder, art paper, illustration boards, paint brush, envelopes, bond paper, pens, pencils, erasers, among other things.

    I don’t want to ask the hubby or make myself go to the nearest bookstore for a 1/8 illustration board.

    Are you a practical person?

    Homemade Body Scrub

    My first time to make homemade body scrub or DIY body scrub.

    Here was what I did:

    Body Scrub



    Just mix together and voila! (I deliberately added the brown sugar, that light brown part, to show how it looks like)

    How to use the DIY body scrub: You can use this before bathing but be sure to wet the body parts you want to use the homemade body scrub with. Gently use the scrub on your elbows, foot and even face. Wash or rinse with your usual soap or facial/body wash.

    Skin will be supple and soft after you rinse the homemade body scrub off. Wash the bathroom floor just in case there is oil residue that might cause slips to the next user.

    Easy peasy. If you want to use coconut oil, you can do so. You can also opt to remove the sugar.

    You can also use an electronic ph meter if you want, no one is stopping you 😀

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