Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Seeds Collection

Last night we attended the Bloggers’ Event for Ipanema’s Gisele Bundchen (GB) Seeds Collection.

Photo taken during the dance performance of the Philippine Ballet Theater where the ballerinas wore the GB Seeds Collection while dancing and yes, no straps were broken ūüėÄ

The launching of the GB Seeds Collection is being teamed with Haribon Foundation in an effort to create not just an awareness on the preservation of the Philippine rainforests but as one of the steps to be taken to realize the goals in the preservation of these treasured natural resources.

I had the chance to ask Mr Patxi Elizalde who was very accommodating about the materials they used for this collection and he explained that these are made from recycled materials like residues from different things like PVC, industrial and painting residues.

There will also be a Walk the Green Mile Walkathon slated on March 21 and part of the proceeds of these GB Seeds Collection will help in the planting and growing of trees

I have forgotten to copy the photo files in my camera before I went to the event! Good thing sd memory cards have capacities to store loads of photos and I was not able to run out of memory for the photos I took.

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