l’entrecôte at The Maya Kitchen

On September 27, Saturday, 9am-1pm The Maya Kitchen will present the unique cuisine of Chef Martin Kaspar of l’entrecôte Corner Bar & Bistro.

Chef Martin Kaspar

Chef Kaspar will be demonstrating the following dishes:

Baked Mussels Au Cafe De Paris Butter,
Shrimps Piri Piri,
Beef Stroganoff,
Marinated Salmon on Lemon Risotto
Duck Liver on Potato with Caramelized Onion, Calamansi and Berry Glaze.

Chef Kaspar is part owner of l’entrecôte Corner Bar & Bistro located at the Burgos Circle, Forbes Town Center, Bonifacio Global City. A native of Baden, Switzerland, also teaches at the Alain Ducasse Culinary Institute at Enderun College.

His restaurant’s name is inspired by the legendary Le Relais de Venise–L’Entrecôte in Paris. Founded in 1959 by Paul Gineste de Saurs, the restaurant has made a name for itself by just serving steak-frites for its main dish with a unique butter sauce.

It was in 1986 when Chef kaspar first came to the Philippines as a Junior Sous Chef at the then Hyatt Regency. He has worked in different hotels like the Manila Hotel, The Byron Hotel and Stars of Giorgio before going back to Europe. It was in 2000 when he joined the Swissôtel Group from Zurich to Sydney, Australia.

Chef Kaspar came back to the Philippines in 2010 to establish l’entrecôte Corner Bar & Bistro and is now a permanent resident.

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Do You Have a Class Ring?

It was once a dream for me to have a class ring after a graduated from college. Kids these days do not know about class rings anymore.

Back in the day, young couples in high school would exchange class rings and for the ladies, these are usually worn as a necklace’s pendant. If you wore one, that means you are in a relationship with the person who owns the ring.

This petite class ring for girls is something that I would have if I was only given the time and opportunity to hear the words: “design your class ring

Ahhh…high school days.

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Maya Banana Cake Mix

For two weeks now, I have been holding off buying sugar-laden cookies and biscuits for packed snacks for the children. Home-baked goodies are just some of the snacks they like to have aside from fresh fruits and sandwiches.

Here is a loaf of baked banana bread using Maya Banana Cake Mix:

Baked Goodies


1 box of Maya Banana Cake mix
2 pcs of almost overripe bananas, SABA variety
1 med egg
1/4 cup fresh milk

Procedure: follow instructions on the box, these are fairly simple. One of the kids did this for me :-)

I had my slice smothered with cream cheese, yum!

Maya Whole Wheat Pancake Mix

We love pancakes and when there is not much time preparing these much loved breakfast fave, I use Maya’s Think Heart Whole Wheat Pancake Mix .

Baked Goodies

Ingredients to make 7-8pieces small pancakes:

Maya Think Heart Whole Wheat Pancake Mix
1 egg
3/4 cups fresh milk (I added another 1/4 cup to make the mix easier to scoop)
2T Canola oil

Procedure : Just follow directions in the box.

Serve with fresh fruits and your hot beverage of choice.

We Love Music

Our home is filled with music especially on non-school days like weekends. The two younger one both play the guitar. The boy has gotten a beat box for his birthday last month. Big sis plays the keyboard like the man of the house though they rarely play these days. The children can be oftentimes seen during their downtime (after studying or before they sleep) with their earphones or headsets listening to their favorite songs.

It is but a common thing for us to tell certain music stores to “Send for our free catalog.” whenever we drop by their stores.

In fact, a new full-sized guitar is being included in the budget for purchase  after all school obligations have been paid for next month.


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Yoshinoya Beef Ramen

Last Saturday, we had a craving for Yoshinoya when we went to a certain mall near us to buy new HP printer ink. Side note: please buy the original ink.

We these Bento Meals:


And the youngest child who loves to use chopsticks had a big bowl of Beef Ramen:


She said that the beef ramen tasted a bit salty and not beef-y.

We just wish there’s a branch at the other mall across this one because that is the one we frequent more.

One more thing, we love the former more subdued interiors of this branch. The new interiors with glaring white lights and bright orange furniture seem too much for us because it seems to convey a certain “noisiness” in it.

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