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Contest: What is Your Favorite Unilab Brand?

UPDATE: Congratulations to the Winners! Whoop de Doop!

Michelle Razo
Razielle Anne Luna
Charity Carlos

Prizes for the winners will be shipped next week.


What is your Fave Unilab product? Look in your medicine cabinets and/or kikay kits and look for your favorite Unilab product. Now, what to do? Join the “What is your Fave UNILAB Brand?” Contest and win gift packs from Unilab! Cool huh?

Unilab Products

samples of some Unilab producs you can use

Contest Mechanics:

1. Take a photo of yourself with your favorite Unilab product and submit with the following details:

  • Full name
  • Complete Mailing address
  • Contact number
  • Facebook page/name/account name
2.  Write why you like that Unilab product. Entry should be minimum of 20 words.
3. Email to unilab.fb@gmail.com

Entries will be posted at Unilab’s Facebook page. This is UNILAB FACEBOOK PAGE. Click LIKE it if you haven’t liked the page yet.

Criteria for Judging the winners:

  • Quality of description (30%)
  • Quality of photo (40%)
  • Unilab’s favorite (20%)
  • Fan favorite (10%) <- ask your friends to “LIKE” your entry but remember, this is only 10%
Let me be clear that I will not be judging the winners.
Contest runs from May 2 – 17, 2012. This contest will have a two-week submission period so you have two weeks to take the most creative photo/pose and write a good post to go with your photo.
There will be three winners who will each win a Unilab gift pack.
Please do share that FACEBOOK button on the right hand corner, and click the TWITTER button beside it and share this contest with your friends. Remember, their “LIKE” votes are worth 10%.
Winners will be announced on this blog, so stay tuned.

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