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Private Matters

People are happy to finally find their long-lost elementary or high school classmates in Facebook. Isn’t it exciting to finally get in touch with these people after a long time?

Of course! you say. And so you share your intimate details in your page for everyone’s perusal: birthdate, employers, pages, organizations you like, TV shows you watch, photos of your families, photos of yourself, your email addresses, your mobile numbers and even your home address.

No problem these people are your friends, you say. Ok then, your call.

Problem happens when your friends have friends who can see you and have not-so-good plans after seeing your lovely grand home and reading that you will be away from a vacation for several days.

That is probably worse than writing about the need for a cure for herpes read by your partner.

Strangers can see and read those too because I happened to read and saw a LOT of these status updates and photos that are best kept hidden from strangers.

You don’t know what I am talking about? Check your privacy setting. Hide your tagged photos from people you don’t want looking at them.

Better yet, read the Six Things You Should Never Reveal in Social Networking Sites.

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Online Safety

Two friends related how their emails (both from the same email platform) have been hacked. Of course, the one who hacked the email sent spam messages to their contacts.

Hubby’s email was almost compromised too, and yes, from the same services that the first two used.

So, if people get laptop insurance, they should also protect their email addresses (and files!) from being compromised to avoid phishing and becoming victims of identity theft.

Here are a few tips that might help on how to protect your emails from getting hacked:

  • avoid predictable passwords like your birthdate, Social Security number, birthdates of your children, maiden names, name of spouse, wedding anniversary date (these information can be easily hunted down for the purpose of getting your account hacked)
  • use letters and numbers and special characters in your passwords
  • do not disclose your login details and passwords to others (maybe unless in dire emergencies)
  • clear the cache or your browsing history if you are using an internet cafe
  • NEVER click on links that seem suspicious

Be net savvy and safe!

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Stop Motion Videos

I love stop motion videos. Two of my favorites are the Human Tetris and ESCP Europe Human Experience. Watch it and you will know what I mean.

Mashable however posted a list of Top Ten Stop Motion Videos on YouTube. My two favorites didn’t make the cut however but I will be viewing these ten videos in a while.


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Social Media

Which one of these Social Media pages/sites do you use?

Social Media sites

There’s more here.

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Digital Scrapbooking


Outdoor fun is my other entry.

Scrapbooking is fun, if not perceived as a challenge to one’s creativity for creating cool photos more interesting. It is expensive too, for not only one needs to buy different papers but varied embellishments too. Yes, and there is this thing about storage.

Good thing there is digital scrapbooking.

Sure, one buys stuff too but there are sites that offer free digital scrapbook “services” like (an online digiscrap site, where I made the page below) and Shabby Princess, a site where one can download free kits.


This is a bigger photo of that bright sunshiny sunflower.

Now, one can make pretty digiscrap pages easily. Hurry and visit the sites and make wonderful digiscrap pages! 🙂

Happy Photo Hunting!

Help for Typhoon Victims in the Philippines

If you know of anyone needing help or wanting to give help to those victims of Typhoon Ondoy, visit this site:

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