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Serious courtships in past have the men serenading the women, professing their undying love while belting out songs with their washburn guitars accompanied by friends and other family members.

Gone are those days when gentlemen not only serenade their loved ones with songs but they also help with back-breaking work in the woman’s home to be able to gain the support of the woman’s family 😀

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Lights Show

During the Christmas season, I enjoyed watching lights show than fireworks display. I am not sure though if this comes with age, lol. Or maybe because I am more concerned with the effects of fireworks in the environment that have me pick another option.

Lights Show at Trinoma

Last Christmas season’s Light Show at TriNoma was a hit with the kids, We even had to delay eating our dinner just so the kids can watch again. I’m sure others  won’t mind hauling big, bulky and nor necessarily cheap musical instruments to and fro the area if they were asked to play live music.

Mobile photo first posted here.

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Mumford & Sons

I like Mumford & Sons and I listen to their songs in my playlist.

Their music is unique, folk rock, and easy to listen to and appreciate. I know they are not mainstream and I have yet to meet someone I know who listens to their songs.

Their musical instruments are quite unique too. I can probably spot a cello tuner but not be able to identify a dobro. Can you?

I really hope they will win the Grammy awards nominations they got: Album of the Year for Babel, Best Rock Performance, and Best Rock Song.


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Playing Music at Home

I wrote about how fun it is to use my X-Mini v1.1 when I listen to music whenever I am working in the home’s library/home office. I also wrote about these new speakers that the husband recently purchased.

X-Mini v1.1

Between these two, there is a lot of music playing at out home.

I wonder if the next purchase would be an mbox at musicians friend since the eldest child loves to play with the Korg, which can be attached to the computer so that she can use programs to make musical arrangements. Not sure with this last part because the synthesizer is “old” and therefore may require older software to be able to play.

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New Speakers

Music is the “universal language of the soul”. So people say.

There’s music in the sighing of a reed;
There’s music in the gushing of a rill;
There’s music in all things, if men had ears:
Their earth is but an echo of the spheres.

~Lord Byron

This household of ours love music. Just recently the husband got a pair of new kickass speakers for the bedroom. Music plays from the speakers day in and day out. The husband who is fond of music from Jim Chappell and David Benoit can now listen to their compositions to his hearts delight. I also listen to my playlist or use the speakers to watch videos playing on my tablet 😀

Here is a Jim Chappell video for “Gone”, one of the husband’s favorite.

Sometimes it feels like we have a live piano player playing from a p 155 guitar center room at home. It’s all good and I can’t complain.

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SM Toon Fest K-Pop Rising Star Mechanics

Cover Page


Boys and girls ages 2 – 14 years old are eligible to join the song and dance or lip synch contest. The contestant/s can join solo or as a group.

Contestant/s may be of any nationality residing in the Philippines throughout the duration of the contest.

To join the contest, each contestant should have an Php 800.00 minimum single receipt purchase exclusive from SM DEPARTMENT STORE’s participating Character brands:  Barbie, Betty Boop, Cars, Disney Fairies, Disney Princess, Dora, Garfield,  Hello Kitty, Marvel, Mickey for Boys & Girls, Robby Rabbit, Sesame Street, Snoopy and Winnie the Pooh.

Characters of SM ToonFest p1

Characters of SM ToonFest p5

Characters of SM ToonFest p4

Characters of SM ToonFest p2

Characters of SM ToonFest p1

Every P800.00 minimum single receipt = 1 Purchase Audition Code. If performing as a group, each contestant should have his/her own Purchase Audition Code.

Proceed to the Redemption Booth at the Children’s Wear Department to claim your Purchase Audition Code which you will use to upload your video entries.  Registration on-line  shall be available thru  Parents or guardian will register the contestant’s complete name, address, age, contact number, email address,  parent’s name/ or guardian’s name and other important information at the registration page.

Submission of entries is through the SM Toon Fest website,

There are two (2) ways to submit your entries:

From your home:  Record a 1-minute video using the pre-selected K-Pop songs and upload in the SM Toon Fest website.

In SM Branches:  Go to the video stations at designated SM Supermalls Event Centers to record and upload your audition video.

An email confirmation will be sent for successful submission of entries.


  1. 1.    Record your videos using the pre-selected K-Pop songs found in the Playlist Page of the SM Toon Fest  website,  Only songs from this list will be considered valid entries.
  1. Wear a full outfit (dress or top and bottom combination) from the current K-Pop collection from  one (1) of the participating Character brands in the Children’s Wear section of any SM Department Store and style it in K-Pop fashion.
  2. Contestant/s can perform individually or as a group, with a maximum of 5 members per group.
  3. If performing as a group, each contestant should have his/her own Purchase Audition Code and wear an outfit from any of the participating Character brands. Each member of the group can wear outfits from different Characters.
  4. All videos should be uploaded via the SM Toon Fest website,
  5. In the website, the contestant must:
    1. Register (A parent or guardian of legal age should register in behalf of the kids)
    2. Encode the Purchase Audition Code as a proof of purchase (1 Purchase Audition Code per participant; example: group of 4 in the video = 4 Purchase Audition Codes)
    3. Select a song from the list of available K-Pop songs
    4. Record the video (lip synch and dance)
    5. Share the recorded video with friends via email, Twitter or Facebook
    6. Once the video is uploaded successfully, the contestant will receive an acknowledgement message along with an Official Entry Number.



Contestant/s may submit multiple entries. He/She must be wearing a different outfit from the participating brands in each video submission. A different Purchase Audition Code will also be required from the contestant/s for each video

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