Fashion for Boys from SM Kids’ Fashion

Who said boys can’t be fashion-conscious? They can be with the proper clothes (and swagger, lol) from where else but SM Kids’ Fashion.

Below are some fashion ideas from the  2012 Philippine fashion Week and SM Kids’ Fashion we can get for those handsome little men in our lives:


Bradley SM Kids' Fashion

Colorful shorts bring instant liveliness to any ensemble. Capture that energy by pairing them with clothes in complementary—not matching!—colors. Make the outfit pop with sneakers that create contrast with the rest of the hues being worn. A good rule of thumb is to mix up warm colors, like red and orange, with cool colors like green and blue. A contrasting cardigan adds a touch of class, making little boys look dapper, yet casual.

Boys Got Style:

Boys Got Style SM Kids' Fashion

Boys Got Style SM Kids' Fashion

Boys Got Style SM Kids' Fashion

Boys Got Style SM Kids' Fashion

While loud colors can look debonair on a young boy by themselves, bringing in some contrast through additional layers creates depth and texture to the entire outfit. A sporty black jacket makes yellow shirts and red jeans pop, while taupe helps a red collared shirt blend in with dark blue jeans by cooling the vivid color down. The end result is a fashionable look that’s versatile enough for both night and day.


Dude SM Kids' Fashion

Dude SM Kids' Fashion

Dude SM Kids' Fashion

Juniors and pre-teens are certified rockstars when dressed in Dude’s duds. Make heavily-textured shirts look sleek and sophisticated with blazers in neutral shades. If you want to keep the look casual, roll up the blazer’s sleeves along with the shirts to add a colorful cuff at the end. With a pair of dark-wash jeans and a stylish pair of sneaks to complete the ensemble, juniors are definite head-turners!

Modern Prince:

Modern Prince SM Kids' Fashion

Modern Princess and Modern Prince SM Kids' Fashion

Dressed up doesn’t always have to mean toned down for kids. Brighten up the standard black suit with a colorful bowtie in complementary shades, like periwinkle. For a daytime affair, have some fun with a white suit by adding livelier colors like turquoise and salmon. A nice pair of boat shoes loosens things up without straying into informal territory. Crown the outfit with a stylish hairdo, and your dashing little gentleman will be the talk of the town.

Head over to SM Kids’ Fashion section and get the perfect outfit for your sons, nephews and godchildren.

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