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Piano-Playing Child

This is the eldest child:


She loves playing the piano just like here father. She doesn’t have any formal training but she can play. I guess there is that distinct difference between a forced talent than a natural talent but I will not delve into that 😉

We don’t need to buy keyboard piano yet though there is that possibility that she may ask for one. This is at the MIL’s home. In our home, we have a Korg that they use to play.

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Piano Lessons

My husband is a piano player, having had formal lessons when he was younger. I did have formal lessons but the skills weren’t fully developed maybe because we didn’t have a piano where I can practice or maybe because I do not have the necessary talent and skills that go with it. I rest my case 😀

Anyway, our two children are quite good with the scales even if they haven’t had formal training. We do have several piano sheet music for them though they do not use it when they play. The play the piano mostly by ear.

Below is my youngest daughter practicing the scales:

Yes, she can play some tunes but can not read notes yet 🙂 maybe this year since she will be in first grade already.

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