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Introducing: myBRO

I would never have guessed that reading blogs back in the mid 2000’s would get me hook to start my own. More than six years later, I have put up several blogs, got articles posted online here and there and hooked with Social Media trends like Twitter and Facebook.

I must say blogging has and still is a big part of who I am as a special education teacher, as a former homeschooling mom, as a hobbyist, a home-based short order cook and bits and pieces of things in between.

The internet is a big part of our life especially since the children do a lot of home work, research and those things that they do online. We are happy with our current internet connection but we are open to try newer and better internet connection to be able to maximize our needs to be digitally connected.

PLDT myBro

When I chanced upon myBRO, I got interested and here’s why:


  • Bilis install. Now this is good especially if you really need that connection ASAP.
  • Reliable. Why not, this is PLDT and Smart after all.
  • Affordable. See below to see what myBRO has to offer and where to apply for a myBRO account.

Last June 26, the Fixed Wireless variants – Canopy and Wimax – will now have a new brand name under myBro.  This is now included under the HOME megabrand powered by PLDT and Smart.
If you want to get connected with myBRO, here are the myBRO subscriber’s system requirements:
  • Pentium IV or higher for Windows, Mac OS for Apple

  • 256 MB of RAM or higher

  • Ethernet/LAN Card

  • At least 10GB of Hard Disk Space.

  • Operating System: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Linux and Macintosh

Difference between myBRO and PLDT myDSL

Both myBRO and PLDT myDSL are high speed broadband internet services, and offer basically the same experience. PLDT myDSL utilizes PLDT’s telephone lines to deliver internet service, while myBRO utilizes its cellular network.

Where to apply for myBRO connection:

  • The Smart Bro service will be available for application at any Smart Stores or PLDT Business Office nationwide, or through any accredited Smart or PLDT sales agents.
  • You may learn more about the myBRO plans by visiting the any Smart Store, accredited PLDT Home reseller or calling *1888 from your Smart cellphone.

You can also visit : www.pldthome.com

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