Handmade Notepad Materials

It has been almost a month ago since I blogged about the handmade notepad I made.

When I was too excited to make these, I used small tools to make the notepads. Good thing we have these because from time to time, or when inspiration strikes, I do some crafts. The following were the things I used to make these:

    Materials for a Handmade Notepad

  • cutter for the colored papers
  • scissors to trim the sides of the cut papers
  • glue
  • stickers and scrap-booking embellishments
  • one hole puncher for the ring
  • one-inch and half an inch rings, depending on how many papers to be used

We have a guillotine paper cutter but I didn’t know how to use it then. Now I know how and it has cut my working time to 1/10th per notepad. Yey!

So, got any orders for your giveaways? Just let me know before I get busy reading about appetite suppressant reviews 😀

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