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Finally, a New Guitar

The little girl finally has a new guitar, a full-sized one! After scouring different guitar centers here and there, we finally found something that she likes and one that fits the budget as well.

She has been playing new songs, one of which is the Beatle’s Paul McCartney’s Blackbird which I have shared below:

We love listening to her play songs on her guitar and it is inspiring that she learned to play without any formal guitar lessons.

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Guitar Tuner App

My guitar-playing daughter uses a Guitar Tuner app on her Android phone. This proves to be a useful app since she is not that adept in tuning her guitar yet because she always asks her father to do the tuning for her.

Guitar Tuner app

I say this is what technology is all about, children learning new things independently. Of course, interpersonal interaction is still best but what if, in cases like these when she needs to tune her guitar and my husband is at work


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Guitar for Kids

This is my children’s guitar. It is a mini guitar for children.


It is smaller than the usual guitar, like a taylor gs mini, because it was made especially for children. They don’t have time to really play with this especially now that they get swamped with homework, projects and other school concerns.

I miss hearing them strumming, though they still have to really learn how to play since they didn’t have time to have guitar lessons last summer.

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Lotus Flower


“As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world” ~Buddha

Music and serenity have a way of soothing frayed nerves, stressed lifestyles, and jumbled thoughts. Sometimes, we need to be alone with just our thoughts or even leave our thoughts behind (probably with an Elation Platinum Beam 5R on it so we don’t see it clearly) to be able to relax to clear out the cobwebs and face new challenges renewed.

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Rainy Days

Rainy days bring out the best or the worst in some of us.


Rainy days have inspired a lot of songwriters, poets and writers to write melancholic pieces that pinch the hearts of their readers/listeners.

Rainy days on the other hand, especially those that bring deluge cause flooding and ruin properties, even claiming lives.

Rainy days also mean no school for the children and this is a good reason to hone in the skills they have that do not have anything to do with school work. Practicing music, drawing pictures, even taking photos, and learning to cook are some of the ways children can cope with boredom when there is no school.

Oh,and also spelling tasks, just in case they misspell musician’s friend as musiansfriends

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We Love Music

Our home is filled with music especially on non-school days like weekends. The two younger one both play the guitar. The boy has gotten a beat box for his birthday last month. Big sis plays the keyboard like the man of the house though they rarely play these days. The children can be oftentimes seen during their downtime (after studying or before they sleep) with their earphones or headsets listening to their favorite songs.

It is but a common thing for us to tell certain music stores to “Send for our free catalog.” whenever we drop by their stores.

In fact, a new full-sized guitar is being included in the budget for purchase  after all school obligations have been paid for next month.


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