Gold Christmas Tree Ornaments

I have written posts about our Christmas finds in more ways than one which include my Frugal Christmas in my other blogs. Among others I blogged about Personalized Gift Tags, white gift wrappers, being on the lookout for Baked Goodies Recipe and I was able to make Butterscotch Bars. We were able to make Handmade Paper Stockings which hang by the silver cord. Bargain books anyone?

For the FilipinoMomBlog Fab Holiday Finds Gold theme, I present a wee photo of our Christmas tree and some of its gold ornaments.

That ribbon has seen a lot of Christmases in our home because we had these for the last ten years.

Along with the gold ribbons that I made 10 years ago, are gold beads, stars and bell chains, gold stars and golden sparkles. The gold balls that hang on the wreath on the door. Our Advent Wreath has gold chains too.

So there goes our Christmas decorations bedecked in gold.

4 Responses to “Gold Christmas Tree Ornaments”

  1. Lynn on 24 Dec 2008 at 9:36 pm link comment

    Wow, ten years! You have taken care of this ribbon really good.

  2. admin on 26 Dec 2008 at 9:45 am link comment

    Yup, we were still staying in my MIL’s then when I made these. Those that were “ruined” I threw away na. So I made red ribbons too,from a roll of red ribbon.

    Even the tree is a hand-me-down 😀

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